Istanbul: Digital Edition First Ever Not-So-Annual Online Tournament


Those are the best! Really glad to hear that :smiley:


First Round is done, Second is about to begin. I mean, I think it’s pretty good.

Oh, also, a SPREADSHEET! Or even two, with the current standings in the Tournament points tables. Yay!


Still have no idea what I am supposed to do in this game. The pathing makes it fascinating


Here’s the Final score from our Round 2 game, table TOUR R2 12.

~ Akden


Results from Tour R2 14 – We waited for several days but finally launched without our third: quikmantx. Added two medium AI.


Tour R2 09 result:

wow, so close. what a pleasure it was.


Tour R2 01 Result


Great, thank you and congratulations to all of you so far!


Sorry to break the streak but…

I ended up essentially having to throw the game to ensure 2nd place. Yellow had a huge amount of gold and the other players weren’t trying to block him at all. I returned his prisoner to jail letting him end the game 2 turns earlier, so ensuring the other players didn’t have time to grab another gem. Not something I would normally do, but by that point there was no way I could take first, so I played for second instead


Hey, competitive environment, can’t be mad at good play!


Tour r2 34 results


Marvelous, thanks!

Edit. Wait, all other players went and vanished? Damn, that’s unlucky…


Yes , i scared them all away .


all? but what about Henry?


Notice the horse chess piece icon below his portrait. It means he’s an AI player as well.


didn’t know that :thinking:
and did not pay attention to that small detail :roll_eyes:
thx for the enlightenment :expressionless:


Find solace in the fact that I discovered the same thing only during the tournament :stuck_out_tongue: Really helpful (to me) to :smiley:


Alright, Second Round has finished 2 days ago, but we have finally counted everything up and added it to THE SPREADSHEET OF AWESOME. So yeah, going great, guys! We will be sending out Round 3 matching later this week :slight_smile:

P.S. We have analyzed some things from the First Round data, and BY FAR the most important one is that the yellow guy won most often!


I feel like that’s more or less a given.

(I play yellow)


Me too…