Isle of Skye Friendlies

Anyone want to play?

I would (and will) but I’m traveling and want to learn the game first.

Ok, it seems simple enough. I’m sure I won’t do well, but I’m up for a game.

Whovian223 of course

Count me in please

As an aside, this is my third ai game in a row with the exact same goals, in the exact same order. A screen pops up at the start with what I assume is the 4 blacked out goals with a question mark at the bottom. Maybe I need to do something there to randomise them

I’m up to play too.

You’re all on my list so I’ve set up a 4 player game. There’s a 72 hour timer on this one. If it’s like other digidiced games then when it times I we won’t get kicked unless a player chooses to kick us. We will see.

It also looks like perhaps we are all up for the first turn. I guess the only part where we actually need to take individual turns is when we are buying tiles. Should make the game quite streamlined for async

Also much to my annoyance it’s set up the 4 same goals as I mentioned above, despite me going and changing the goals, then changing them back to random

The money goal has been in all of my games (small sample size alert) as well as the mountain goal. However the other two are new for me.

This is the 4th game where I’ve had the same goals in the same combination. I don’t know what the odds are, but I suspect they’re right up there with winning the lottery in terms of probability :smiley: I’ve sent in a bug report using the in game tool

Yes, please[quote=“irishdomer08, post:1, topic:1428, full:true”]
Anyone want to play?

Sure, I’ll play. (Playing well, that’s a different matter.)

Just starting my first ai play, after that I’m ready :wink:

I don’t seem to be able to get back into our game. It hangs on the loading screen.

Looks like we got an extra half a turn in and now I’m afflicted by the same problem. Not an auspicious start

I discovered that like many Digidiced bugs, it can be resolved by turning off replays…

That did it! I’ve chucked a bug report in anyway, but it sounds like it might be something they already know about

Okay, I’ve played the AI a few times. I ready to play some games. Be easy on me.

I need another game to figure out what’s going on. Unfortunately, I never got to see final scoring, so I’m not sure how all the bonuses are calculated… Does only the person that ends the game get to see it? The game was gone from my list when I got back in.

a known bug.
digidiced answered to my bug report that another bugfix update will come soon.

[edit] “various post-launch fixes” update 8.0 is live.

Anyone up for a game?


Yes, I’ll play.