Interested in checking out what all the updates and fixes did for AMONG THE STARS?

I’ve asked Artipia where I can report bugs. I’ll mention it to them.

Edit: I’ve contacted Cublo Games

I second this. E-mail notifications are terrible . It is a constant struggle to keep the spam minimized and a game that sends e-mails every day is the worst!

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agreed on email notifications.
and i can’t find a way to get iOS notifications working.

and the game LOG is a shut down TRAP.
and when the Galactic Research Facility is still buggy i lose any hope for Among the Stars :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully Cubelo will respond

i think the LOG shutdown bug (or am i just too blind to find the way to exit the log screen? same problem for you other players?) and the research station VP bug had been reported a year ago already.

i’m puzzled that the problems still exist.

a week ago i reported notification problems for Brass to Cublo support and got an answer on the next day, promising to look into that (“I think this is regression in the last update. I’m working on a fix for this.”).

i had always only the best experiences with Cublo supporting Brass.
so it feels a bit strange what happened (or better: not happened) for Among the Stars.

I got a response back and he said he wasn’t aware of the Galactic Research Station bug and that he’ll look into it.

So fingers crossed! (Though I could have sworn one of us reported it to him way back when, but oh well)

i’m quite sure too.

our game might be totally stuck now.

i transferred a payment for Mirefox’s new Galactic Research Facility but the game insists it would be still my turn. nothing i can do about it.
and my financial balance is shown as -3.
is that possible at all?

I’m not really following what’s going on when it isn’t my turn. To me it looked like @whovian223’s Galactic Research Facility has been generating points each turn, unless I’m seeing things wrong. That’s not supposed to happen, is it?

The game is simple, but there is also a lot to keep track of if you’re really trying to maximize your turn, and, honestly, I am focusing on my station only at the moment.

Agreed with @Mirefox, it’s pretty hard to keep track of what everyone else is doing. Add the GRF bug to it, the fact that you can spend negative money (I did that too last turn @JammaTal - I’m not sure if it’s allowed per the rules or a bug?), and the email notifications, and this one seems destined for the scrapp (see what I did there?) heap.

I wonder if (assuming no rules-breaking bugs) this might be a better 2-player game, since there is then less to track.

at least i could see the moves of the other players in the replays.
then i could visit the other stations for close examining.

normally the gamelog could be useful too, but i could never find a way to exit the log screen and always had to close down the game for a reload.

but now…the game wants me to make my turn again and again, that is: to spend money on Mirefox’s Galactic Research Facility again and again.
i had spent already! but that screen keeps coming up.
and “skip all” or “don’t pay” don’t help either.
i think we are done now.

when closing down and reloading it keeps showing it were my turn. but i can’t do anything to finish the ever same turn.

Hell, I enjoyed playing the debacle that was 1775 more than this - at least that made for some funny after action reports with @SpiceTheCat

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i will delete the game. very disappointing.

strange things were happening.
at first i kept getting email notifications for the same turn again and again,

and then “jammatal left. game terminated”.

well, i’m ok with that, but let me tell you that i did not leave the game.
the game must have kicked me.

Weird. Ah well, experiment failed.

I knew there was a reason it was relegated to the fourth page in the mp games folder…

i got a last email notification telling me that “another player has left the game”.


to stop emails coming in i deleted the game.

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For what it’s worth, the game very recently updated. I have no idea what it fixed.

Does anyone know the current state of this one?