Indian Summer Tournament


Anyone interested in joining an Indian Summer tournament? I’ll volunteer to organize if there’s interest.




I’ll play.


can’t resist :blush:


I’ll play! (And lose)


I’ll play!


I need to see if I can learn this one. I kind of bounced off of it last time I tried.

I’ll try to do that in the next couple of days and make a decision then.


Just downloaded the game.
Excited to learn.


I don’t really get it that much, but I’m in


Table 1

Table 2

First player sends invites. Winner at each table reports scores. Top 2 scoring players at each table play in Championship game. Losers at each table play in Consolation friendly game. Please let us know when your table is underway.


have just purchased the game.
@JHTaube is on my digidiced friendslist and so will be able to invite me now.


I don’t think he’s on mine.

I’m whovian223 there as well


OMG! the complexity is overwhelming :flushed:

tutorial left me dazed and confused.
will have to read the 14-page rulebook now.
smells like a great game though.


As a rule of thumb, I almost always avoid Dogidiced tutorials and go straight to the rule book.


@SleepingGiant we are friends but it doesn’t look like you have the app yet. Once you get it i’ll send out the invite


Table 1 underway.
All set for a wild adventure!


I do have the app, just haven’t played any online games yet :grimacing:


Game started!


Table 2 results. GG


Wow… I am bad at just about all games but I am particularly bad at spacial awareness…