In your kites, Twenty-minuters! Let’s test fly Wings of Glory

Dogfights anyone? Woof woof!

Yep. JMH75+1274

Hm, you can’t name your games. Would you like to create a game, otherwise there’ll be two SpiceTheCat’s games in the list.

A common Dire Wolf feature.

I’ve actually got the game but probably won’t be playing for a couple of days so I’d love to hear impressions so I can convince my friends to lick this up.

Most importantly: confirming that it is asynchronous and that it works and confirming that you can play with more than 2 people. But also overall performance.

so I can convince my friends to lick this up.

I’m the last person in the world to kink shame but come on.


Lol. I’ll leave it as is.

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Done. Password sp

Not sure it’s async, truly? I think I timed out of my game with @js619 by not joining in time (maybe?) but completed my game vs @JMH.75 when both his planes flew off the edge of the map. Incidentally whatever plane I picked has an excellent arc of fire to the rear.

Hmm… that doesn’t bode well. It’s gone on my end too fwiw

Huh, it was not me against you played… My game was somehow removed. Indeed not sure if it is async (also, nowhere you can set a timer or something like that)

According to the people in the game chat, the game is sync not async…

Well that’s a little mind boggling…

This reminds me of Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol. Was that available on iOS a long time ago? Or was it just on Windows?

Edit: Found it.
I knew I remembered this. Released for iOS in 2013. Really enjoyed this one.

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Yes. Weren’t there two of them? Unfortunately didn’t survive the 32-bit purge.

Yes, there was a WWII Pacific Theatre version, too.

I went searching through the Wayback Machine and found Owen’s review from 2013! Check it out here:

Sorry for the thread hijack. Back to Wings of Glory!

So I’m confused.
Is the game async or not?
I asked the dev on twitter last week and got no answer (which usually doesn’t bode well) but I have Sagrada from same dev and it’s perfectly async so I assumed this was the same…

Most of Dire Wolf’s games are asynchronous with the exception of The Fox in the Forest.

Wow, holy shit, finally. I knew this would be a perfect mobile (well, tablet) game in two thousand freakin nine when I first discovered it (when it was called Wings of War), but nowadays? The asynch question was raised on Steam, too, and the consensus there is that it’s synch only, which is bad and dumb and virtually guarantees it will go nowhere because there’s no way I’m going to pay $9 for that.

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It’s anecdotal and the sample size here couldn’t be more insignificant, but just look at the forum to see the reaction - excitement, insta-purchases, a new dedicated thread, instant attempts at games, and then silence. There’s a good chance this would have made it into the decathlon, too.

Ah well, at least we know their next release will deliver.

No idea what the mobile numbers might be, but the Steam charts numbers are not good at all, a 29-player peak three days ago and about 20 people in game right now. Did they advertise this anywhere? If not for the thread digest email Stately Play occasionally tosses my way I wouldn’t even know this game existed.