Hill Climb Racing 2 daily/weekly friends challenges


Hey you guys here is my player invite
Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=ox5Pvq


Hey guys! My friends link :smile:

Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=Dlxxqj


Hey guys! Add me :smile:

Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=Jopwj3



Really good game both of you! You’re a proper challenge :smiley: I’m learning things that I probably wouldn’t have learned so fast if it wasn’t for you :wink: And last but not least, the other people I added are also great! You came up with really good challenges yourselves!

Anybody else wanna race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=K00qJ4

I’m playing when I can! It’s a fun game :3


Thanks you :slight_smile:
One day, I may finally be able to fight you!
Good game :slight_smile:


Ready for your Challenges : )
Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=b1d15Y


Hi guys, add me there.

Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=PraJe7


Add me

Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=DyMMne


ای شیطون


Add me

Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=xMlyZ0