Hill Climb Racing 2 daily/weekly friends challenges

after the Sky Force Reloaded thread has shown how much fun it can be to compete with friends for leaderboard ranks or in ingame tournament events and challenges in dexterity games, i thought about starting a new thread for Hill Climb Racing 2.

i have played for some time now and can recommend it.
great mechanics and controls. no FTP money grinder.

Holsten and me are having fun in daily and weekly challenges and would like to see more friends involved :smile:


Love how jamma used a screenshot where he is in front :joy:

My friend invite link:
Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=OYAvnp

This game looks pretty neat. I assume from your bronze ranking that your cars arent particularly well developed yet?

My friends link is Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=DQYKZy

Curiously a search for ‘hill climb 2’ took me to an odd part of the app store with dodgy looking upgrade apps. I downloaded the fingersoft version of the game as it seemed the most legit.

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Nice, the link worked, I got you in my friendslist :grinning:

I think I raced a bit more than jamma, unlocked the scooter and upgraded all parts to around 4-6. Nothing that could not be achieved within 1 day. Spend no money yet. We could also call tournaments with everyone using the same car and upgrade levels. But at first it is quite motivating to get better cars and upgrades for a better time :smirk:

i had no other :sunglasses:

yeah, friends links work great.

now i can race with Holsten’s and Snotty’s ghosts on the challenge tracks.
it’s a very nice treat that we could limit the upgrade levels for even chances when calling to a special SP challenge.
the basic driving mechanic feels really great, and keeps getting better when gradually upgrading the cars/vehicles.

it’s a bit like SFR in that regard.

sorry for the confusion. correct name of the app is Hill Climb Racing 2 and not Hill Climb 2.
i have edited all wrong names by now.

here a link to the TA article incl. trailer and appstore link:

I will give it a try.
Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=p3b3Jd

Thanks for letting me know about the game. It seems like it will take a few days to be able to complete the challenges, and I am looking for something to replace Clash Royale.

Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=wM92Ay

Some of you have found me already … “robthomasson” was too long for the app to cope with so I am “robt”.

Let’s race: https://playhcr.com/invite?id=W9OA9Q

welcome to @Tigana and @robthomasson! you both appeared on my friendslist like magic. way to go for a game to add new players to an ingame friendslist. if only Stone Age and Eclipse (and some other games as well) could do that too!

and now…drumroll…grats to Snotty on winning the first SP daily challenge!

a very enjoyable fight for the best time that was. leadership changed quite often.

the new daily challenge is on.
btw the weekly challenge is a helluva tough…well…challenge :smirk:
so far only Holsten and me on that leaderboard, but i’m pretty sure Snotty will make an impressive appearance soon enough.
and maybe more tough drivers.
i tried all kinds of vehicles, but the very first beginner’s jeep came out on top.

btw Snotty has been back-to-back champion in Sling Shot Racing league too, some time ago. and what about a Disc Drivin’ tourney/league?

Thanks very much! The competition times out during my lunch break so I think Ive got a bit of an advantage there.

I dont seem to be getting the final standings at the end of the daily tournament :confused: which is a shame as Im oretty sure JammaTal beat me that time. Ive also had a few random names pop up, slaw and bongo? I dont know where they came from

exactly the same for me, Snotty!
no more final standings for the daily challenge (i think since the update) and the friendslist gets filled with more and more unknowns: Bong0Bong, amber, Sutari, argyle.

might be unregistered and passive readers of this thread, who just tapped on the friends links?

or can opponents in cup races be added as friends?

btw i can’t find your “friends” slaw and bongo on my list :flushed:

my sportscar’s specs in the moment are 11/9/9/12, a bit too much at the wheelie side of things :grimacing:
upgrades are slowly but steadily getting expensive.
i wish i had concentrated on Superjeep or Motocross, as those are much more fun to drive and to jump with. sportscar is a bit lame.

Bong0Bong totally rules my daily and weekly leaderboards, with a…normal Jeep :open_mouth:

but i’m still having a blast with the game. relaxing solid fun.

My sports car is 13/12/9/10, and its great for the city levels. Its passable on the other levels, but these new friends show you really need a (super) jeep for the hills and mountains. That makes sense I guess!

As halfvoid says, there is a bit of grind. Ive slowed down a bit now, but a few daily plays is enough to keep me with enough chests to unlock.

exactly my thoughts. we really need specific vehicles (and/or specific spec tunings) for the different courses.
and that’s a good thing indeed.

I spent about 100k to get my super jeep to 16/12/12/7 (I didnt spend any money on the roll cage, I got it all free through adverts). I thought these were respectable stats, but Ive ended up going back to my sports car as its just that much faster.

Im pretty sure I was beaten in the weekly challenge, so well played guys :slight_smile:

Ive also got 22 friends now, almost matching the 21 times my friend link has been clicked. I assume that means people coming here and actually clicking the link. How or why they have found here to click is still a mystery to me.

36 “friends” here, I kind of regret posting the link public. Hard to keep track of the real friends now… but whatever. :sweat_smile:
At least I have a challenge for the next years to come. Some of my new friends do crazy record. Guess this will even out once the cars are maxed out.

The friends list is certainly a different experience to the one expected. On the plus side, you and I are the first two ‘popular’ people here, according to the forum software. Congrats on beating me to that too :smiley:

friendslists keep expanding!
i think we have some of the “most clicked links on SP” here in our thread :sunglasses:

so we can get a glimpse on how many silent readers are visiting the site.
well, players interested in racing games :grimacing: