First SP Neuroshima Hex Solo Challenge

Can you get negative points? I just scored 200 in a game where we both turtled up and I won 20 to 18. I think that’s a mulligan candidate unless you can actually lose points by getting crushed.

I’m pretty sure 0 is the lowest, and that’s only from losing your HQ.

I think any win at all would bring a minimum of 10 points.

Alright, 200 seems bad so I’ll take the mulligan on that game. I may regret that decision, but can’t to much worse…

I accidentally hit quick game instead of custom so didn’t get to pick my army. Defeated Neo Jungle as The Hegemony rather easily. Easy AI didn’t know how to play; all modules seemed to be pointing at empty spaces.

Third and final game on easy I took Doomsday Machine. I struggled mightily against Smart and barely squeaked by with a 15-14 win.

That is 7600 for my easy games.

Didn’t think to take screenshots, so honor system applies (sorry). Played all three of my easy games using random for my army and random for the AI - figured I don’t remember this game at all, why not make it more difficult by randomizing what I’m doing too, right?

Game 1: I got the plant army - I remembered enough to remember that they needed to go next to each other for full effect, but that was about it. The AI got Outpost (good thing it tells you the name of them on the summary or I’d be referring to them by color). Seems the Easy AI also doesn’t remember the game, leading to a boring game of attrition that I won 20 v 15 for 700 points.

Game 2: FML, I got the Dancer army. I remember hating them when I played NS Hex a lot… and the AI took Uranopolis (again, glad for the end summary. No idea what the point of these guys was). Shockingly this was my best game, easily defeating the AI, who made some seriously questionable moves. Recovering from the first game, I guess. Scored 5800 points with a win of 26/30 v 0.

Game 3: I got the… fish? Poison? I don’t know what their name is. Gold color with a fish skeleton, and they apparently use poison a lot. Unfortunately for me, all of my poison guys came out late in the game. The AI took New York, who I remembered as being one of my favorites. They have that nasty shotgun and missile launcher… I figured this would be a loss. Managed to outmaneuver and bump the AI’s pieces around enough to eek out a win in the final battle, doing the last 4 points of damage to the other HQ and winning 9/20 v 0 for 4300 points…

Total vs Easy AI - 3 wins for 10,800 points and a lot of fun remembering this game

I’ll post a scoresheet every so often.

Mississippi are the poisoners and I quite enjoy them.

Dancer is one of those armies where I want to learn to play them well because I feel like they can make me look like a genius, but it rarely goes well.

I’ve already expressed my love of NeoJungle. When they work, they are terrifying. It isn’t unusual to have most of my units at 3-5 initiative and 2-4 attacks.

I’m with you re: remembering names, though. I know the expansions because they release one at a time, but the base armies will always be red, yellow, blue, and green to me unless I purposefully look it up.

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So … @robthomasson@irishdomer08 … plenty of time to get in here.

You big babies.

Through Tuesday night:


I redownloaded it tonight with full intention of re-learning and playing! I blame the internet. Very distracting.

A big baby yes … but probably not big enough to crawl up and over the barrier of getting back into the game in the near future. I have been in to the app and noticed that on the Leaderboard for Easy I have 6,650 points and @TheDukester has 380,650 points. Hmmm.

If I get a slug of time soon I will dive in and flounder some … but don’t hold your breath. Great idea to revisit the game though … next up Summoner Wars?

Love that idea. Summoner Wars is a stellar game.

I’ve played one and it’s very clear I don’t know what I’m doing, so I’ll report it anyway: 600 points with NeoJungle against Smart, playing the easy AI. I’ll be interested to see if I learn or if my scores only get worse …

I wrapped up my Easy run with some old-school Moloch — they were always my favorite back in the days of playing with just four armies on my phone.

Got a pretty routine win over Doomsday Machine, which the AI appeared to sometimes play while smoking dope.

My point totals are going the wrong direction, though …

Just a practice game to remember the rules…but oh boy. A big 100 points. Probably not going to win this tourney!

I’ll do random v random to start my tourney the next time I play. What could go wrong.

First time playing this in forever!

Round 1 - Easy - Neo Jungle Vs New York

2300 points.

Thursday morning:


Snagged a whopping 300 points against the easy AI in my second game, using Moloch vs. Steel Police.

Medium games in the bag, screenshots to follow.

First game I was what turned out to be called DDM vs the medium AI, who got Steel Police. This was my best of the three, nearly destroying the AI HQ with a score of 14/20 to 2/20 for 2200 points.

Second game I was the neon green-ish army which gives extra initiative when units are next to its HQ vs the Rats. These guys were as tough as I remembered them being and I was lucky to eek out a win 14/20 to 10/20 for 1300 points.

Third game gave me Steel Police versus NY - this was also a tough battle. My units were well placed in the beginning of the game but out of things as the battles progressed; I also counted myself lucky in this one to win 14/20 vs 12/20 for 1800 points.

3 wins vs medium AI for 5300 points…