Film; or The Silver Screen


The frustrating thing is that I will watch a mediocre movie for fun dinosaur thrills. The original Jurassic Park is in a whole league of its own, but I can stomach the immediate sequels just for some more T-Rex - and Jeff Goldblum - awesomeness. I even enjoyed the first Jurassic World for what it was. Fallen Kingdom was so pointless and so far removed from all the other movies that I really don’t know why it even existed. Even the premise of the sequel that they seem to hint at isn’t any longer a Jurassic Park movie.


One Cut of the Dead. A film about…well, zombies, but not in the way you think it is. A small budget, but a great effort. Go into it without reading a synopsis, as unaware as possible. A bloody riot.


I think I’d make a great free climber. I’m strong, flexible, I have good grip strength, I’m focused and motivated. Perhaps the only things stopping me are my incredible cowardice and abject fear of heights.

So I went to watch Free Solo instead. Sweaty Palms: The Movie as it’s titled in the UK follows a free climber, Alex Honnold, in his quest to climb El Capitan alone without any climbing equipment.

It’s only like three thousand feet or some shit, who cares.

I never appreciated just how much preparation went into each free climb, they do a ton of roped climbs and take extensive notes and memorise and practice routes, and I enjoyed seeing how much of a discipline it was. There was no stupid “Just call me A Lax Handhold, brah.” dudery. In some ways it made me envious; I don’t recall having that passion for one thing to the exclusion of all others in my life, and if I ever did, I never had the commitment or the resources to do it. The complicating factors of relationships, injuries, and attention are well-documented but not overly dwelt on.

Aside from some minor product placement, a gorgeous film full of natural beauty, and superbly (if a little heavily) scored.



Of all the movies I saw during 2018, I freely admit that I enjoyed Spider-Verse the most. And I’m not even a comic book fan!


I’m right there with you.


“That name again, it’s Mister Plough…”