Film; or The Silver Screen


They should have gone back to the source material and turned back it into a horror movie where the heroes are trapped inside with camouflage dinosaurs outside a la The Lost World (book).


Yes. I disliked this movie enough to express it on multiple platforms.


On the plus side, I’ve now heard of Velocipastor. It may have the best description on IMDb…



War is being fought for the minds of North America via screens. Everyone will have a screen name to make the screen resonate. Your reality is already half video hallucination. The screen is the retina of your mind’s eye. Have you been hallucinating lately? You should be.

Death to Videodrome. Long live the new flesh.



I speak of Roadhouse often, and claim it as the best bad movie of all time.




Park-chan Wook.

Brilliant Korean director with a rather unique vision for mixing violence with peculiar sexual situations. Be warned, these films are not for viewing with your significant other unless you’ve seen at least one and know what you’re getting into.

I started with the AMC mini-series Little Drummer Girl, which was decent.

The Vengeance Trilogy is the top of the list. Oldboy is the best of the three. Lady Vengeance has a cool alternate version where the film gradually shifts from full color at the beginning to black and white at the end. Spike Lee remade Oldboy about 5 years ago with Josh Brolin, Samuel L Jackson, and Elizabeth Olsen, but I much prefer the original. (Yes, that’s Thanos, Nick Fury, and the Scarlet Witch in A Spike Lee Joint!)

The Handmaiden is a bit more recent. It has several unexpected plot twists in a story told from several points of view. Even though it’s an Amazon Original, the dialog is in Korean and Japanese (and the subtitles are colored to indicate which language was spoken).

Stoker is his only other film I’ve seen that is in English besides Little Drummer Girl. Nicole Kidman gives a strong performance.

Also, I highly recommend It tracks all of the streaming services, which makes it easy to find where you view a movie, and whether it is “free with ads”, from a service that “requires a subscription”, or if you have to pay for individual rental (and the best prices for those rentals).


I can’t say I’m interested in any of that except Little Drummer Girl, but that because it’s a Le Carre story. You called it “decent.” Good enough to give a go?


Oldboy and Stoker are incredible. His other films are merely excellent.


Just got back from the Pokémon movie with my kids. It was surprisingly…decent. The story went off the rails a bit, but that really didn’t matter - the Pokémon were just awesome! I didn’t care a ton for the Ryan Reynolds pikachu, but I’m sure he’s a hit for many. The movie did have a couple intense moments for the kids.


My wife took my 8 year-old last night. He didn’t want to go saying that he didn’t like Pokemon anymore, but since his return he won’t stop talking pokemon and begging his brothers to get their old cards out and play with him again. So, I guess it worked.


Let’s see if you still feel the same way when he’s begging you to take him to the store to buy more cards…


I liked it, but not as well as any of Park’s previous work. It seemed to stretch the story a bit to fill 6 hours when all of the other films delivered more in 2 hours. Michael Shannon keeps getting better every time I see him in something, and Florence Pugh does a good job in her role. If you like Le Carre, it is probably worth your time.


They gave him 4 packs at the movie theater last night, so I’m hoping that tides him over until the excitement abates.


The first one is always free.


Set him up with a Pokémon TCG online account. You can get a ton of free packs in game.


Wine Country, on Netflix.

I could go on a lengthy diatribe about this affront to comedy movies everywhere, but it’s not even worth my time to do that. Suffice it to say that even my wife disliked this driveling attempt at resurrecting careers couched as a senior chick flick.


Aladdin. I quite enjoyed it even though it was more or less a re-skin, but that’s exactly what I expected. Will Smith wasn’t bad as Genie but there isn’t a soul past or present that could replace Robin Williams. Obviously, we enjoyed this as a family; I can’t say I would have seen it on my own…


Only my favorite movie of all time…