Eclipse revisited

i’m playing in a game with strangers, because i wanted to check the latest update. replays are fine now and influence bug is fixed.
i really like the game. it has a strategic dimension not often found.
and with (very decent) AI bots replacing dropouts even games with strangers are solid fun.
ok, private games issue for GC not fixed yet, but i had an idea.

when i announce the timestamp for a game opening in advance, i think many interested SP’lers will be able to take a seat, because the initial stampede on game openings is over by now (although the lobby is no wasteland at all. always some openings).
and if a stranger will join the game, so what? he can’t bring the game down. so no problem.

i will create a game exactly on Sunday, January 22, 21.00h CET (3pm NY time)

if you are interested, please come along and join :kissing_closed_eyes:

so not really a tournament, but seemed like the best fitting category.


Great idea, and I hope it works out.

Your last comment, and my Suburbia post, makes me think that we need a “gamers wanted” non-tournament category as well for the forums.

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So mote it be.

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That was fast. Thank you!

and i have moved the thread over here.

Nice. I’ll try to be there to get into the game :slight_smile:

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How odd. I was thinking about an Eclipse SP game today. However, tomorrow is too soon for me, and I have Chinese New Year next weekend, plus there is a lot going on getting things arranged with the house.

I do enjoy Eclipse precisely because it’s a Euro focused 4x game i.e. resource management within a set number of turns, yet still has asymmetrical races, technology, combat, and a number of viable different strategies, plus conflict with other players. My only issue with Eclipse are that in the base game (haven’t played the expansion), a couple of the techs really stand out at various stages of the game.

Maybe next time!

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at least we have the choice to play without plasma missiles now.
and expansions have been announced by BDC.
here is hope that a fix for creating private games will come then too.
password protection would be the best universal solution.
GC friendslist would be no real solution, because it feels totally outdated by now. no new entries for such a long time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i’m looking forward to your participation in future games!


Where were the Expansions announced by BDC? Facebook? I can’t seem to find anything on their site.

when i had reported that influence bug it was mentioned in the email answer, i think.
or may have been mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign? was there a Kickstarter?
or when advertising for Steam Greenlight?
not officially announced yet? call me surprised.

6P game created at 21:05 CET (3:05 pm NY time)

I joined, but I’d be okay with trusting the AI to make combat decisions if it made for a faster game.

battles are true highlights and i think it would bring down the fun.
most battles happen vs AI ancient ships as well.
battles between player fleets don’t really come up often, except in the very last round(s).
i think we can take it.

so we came out with 3 SP players and 3 strangers in the game, right?

Yeah, that’s what it looks like…

As for the AI combat, I switched to auto-pilot for Galaxy Trucker flights, and I found it greatly improved the online experience. I realize that’s a much lighter game, and that the fate of a few space bucks is all that is at stake, rather than the fate of the galaxy in Eclipse, so I understand wanting to be hands on!

And @JammaTal times out at the end of the first turn! These Eclipse games are doomed to failure…

what the heck??
this can’t be! i had won my fight against the Ancients in a kind of dramatic battle.
one of my cruisers had only 1 hull point left when a series of volley exchanges without hits on both sides came up. in the end both my cruisers survived and i was looking into a bright future.
i finished my turn and that was it.

how can i have timed out? no way!
ok, now i’m starting to lose my faith too…
and that really tells a story :weary:

my last look into the lobby told me “waiting for an opponent’s move…” :flushed:

I saw the fight, then you neutron bombed the colonies, then took control, took the materials from the ancient discovery, then colonised all 3 planets.

yup, exactly.
it was a bit scary that i could not apply my hits manually although the setup was not on auto combat. i had to push on automatic for each single shot.
this is such a downer :cry:

These Eclipse games are doomed to failure…

I don’t have a dog in this fight … but, yes. Yes, indeed. Y’all are doomed to disappointment.

Big Daddy’s just does not get online multiplayer at all. They never have. I think they might be getting out of mobile publishing altogether, given the recent N. Hex announcement.

that came as a surprise.
i wonder if Portal gets it done with a new multiplayer client.
updating the app to latest cardboard edition 3.0 sounds good.

You timed out on forming a diplomatic treaty with the non-AI player…