Eclipse revisited

i had refused the offer because i intended to campaign against him.
i always go back to the lobby when i have finished my turn, just to watch the turn announcement flipping from “it’s your turn” to “waiting for an opponent’s move”.
(the same habit for Brass. after having done my turn i go back to main menu and tap on “online” once more to see if the next player is on correctly.)

i’m so sure i did it this time too :flushed:

to be honest, i would be glad if it had been my fault! sad and glad at the same time. i don’t want the game to be broken.

esp this game looked like it could evolve into something special and generate tons of battles and fun.
did you see still my turn announced in the lobby menu?

I was going to say that I’ve seen it not register my move a bunch of times, but it sounds like you did everything to account for that… I do check my turn every couple of days just in case I missed the notification, and last I saw it was waiting on the treaty.

:sweat: :disappointed: :weary:

i just noticed a strange behavior of the game.

in a game with strangers i got the notification that a player has timed out and his position was taken over by AI.

when coming into lobby i was surprised to see “it’s your turn!”, because i had made my turn not long ago in a 5P game.

entering the game i got to see ONE replay of the player on my right. then proceeding to next player thinking.

but it was not my turn.
so what about the “it’s your turn!” announcement??
just to look into the game? and that’s it?

but now the more important and startling question:
would i have timed out if i had not taken this look into the game?
so another player timing out activates MY timer? weird and dangerous.

can that have happened in our game? i remember something of a notification about a player timing out.
and i had not visited the game then.

I got a turn notification at the end of round 1, but it wasn’t my turn. I was wondering if they changed it that everyone had to acknowledge the Round 2 techs, but maybe it is more random than that…

i think that was about the time when the first stranger had dropped out.

and now? Big Daddy Creations out of business? what about expansions and bugfixes? game would need a last finishing touch now.
but BDC went silent and does not answer emails neither.

@hardco did you just get a turn notification? I checked the app in case I had missed a notification, and the lobby said it was my turn. I logged in only to watch the red ai take control of a sector, now it seems its your turn

Yeah, I’ve been getting notifications consistently this game…

playing in a game with strangers i just had to learn that with auto combat enabled we won’t get to see combat animations at all.
bummer. downer. no way.

the battle in our game was a nail biter. a highlight.
missing that? not for me!

in my game with strangers exactly the same situation came up as in our 6P.
again i refused the offer for diplomatic relations by tapping the big fat X
and instantly the other involved player’s turn came up.

no slider for “end the turn”, no need to tap on anything. i could watch him make his move as a computer bot had taken over some turns ago.
when i left the game i could see “it’s your turn” change to “waiting for another player’s move!”

so i did not miss any button or slider in our game and did nothing wrong.
a mystery!
must have had to do with these mysterious instances when our timer is activated without that it would be our turn.
just to watch…what exactly??
especially incoming notifications about “a player has left the game. computer will take over” (or so) are dangerous.
no word of warning that we must open the game nor that the timer might have been activated :flushed:

i guess i got this notification about the third stranger having dropped out, but did not pay a visit to Eclipse then. two days later i was kicked.
one of the things in Eclipse which cry out loud for a fix!
but BDC has gone silent.

Ive randomly had to log in to watch the next (ai) player play. I finish my turn as normal then go on my way. The next day I check my turn just in case, only to find its my turn again. I get to watch the single ai player take its turn, then its hardcos turn. I assume this is when he gets the notification

holy moly! this is weird. and screwed :unamused:

my two Plasma Missile Dreadnoughts went into battle vs two anti-missile (lots of shields and hull points, only one cannon and no computers will do) Dreadnoughts. but i had a little twist in my missile design, so i was very excited to watch the battle unfold.

but doh! no battle report, no replay, no nothing :disappointed:
you open the game just to see what ships might still be there.
was it close? was it sheer luck? how can i draw conclusions?
honestly no way that i will play in an auto-combat game any more.

btw the manual combat seems bugged or? i couldn’t assign my hits manually in our game.
i dragged the hits onto enemy ships only to see the hit icons disappear.
in the end i had to tap on auto-assign. at least i got to see a battle at all.
had anybody else the same problem with assigning hits in a battle?

edit: attacks on hostile planets are shown. so why not the ship-to-ship battles?

next edit: just got to see a battle between computer bot and the other remaining human player.
could not watch the fight of my own dreadnoughts, but replays of other
players’ battles and how planets were destroyed.
you can call me totally confused now.

and another edit:
this time (last round) i got to see replays of all battles in the whole wide universe, including my own.
so what?

Ive been trying to log in all day. Finally the online game but is no longer grey, only to find my games list and the lobby are empty. Surely some kind of bug, but Im going to time out if it doesnt fix itself soon

i kept hammering on “refresh” till my game came up finally.
very slow response.
it went down from day to day lately.
from instant display of all lobby games to “needed 1 refresh” to
“needed 3-4x refresh to show only my game” to “5-6x refresh”.
something goes wrong and nobody takes care.
what is going on with BigDaddyCreations?
they lost the rights for Neuroshima Hex, they don’t answer emails,
no fix for the GC friendslist in Eclipse, no public announcements any more, server slowly going down.

I had the problem for a day, then it worked again. Hopefully the same will happen to you!

what is going on with BigDaddyCreations?

I’d be stunned if they are still a thing. Or at least a thing for mobile gaming.

Not answering emails … not updating Facebook/Twitter … no releases announced … all very bad signs.

i must admit this time it’s serious. i tried so often for so long today, waiting on for so many new refreshes, but no.
i will time out soon and then give up on Eclipse.
after all those years we got replays at last. they came along buggy, but were fixed soon.
the game became an iOS/Android/Windows-on-Steam crossplatform event, the lobby buzzing with activity.
expansions were mentioned in emails from the devs.
they admitted that the GC friendly game feature was broken and spoke of working on a fix.
but then…unexpected silence.
and now? done?

edit: server is back again now, but my game is gone of course, and so am i.
goodbye Eclipse, maybe we will meet again after next BIG update (expansions included?)

I know there’s only me and @Snotty128 left, and soon I’ll probably be out… The game has disappeared from my list, and no amount of refreshing or relogging has gotten it to show up! This experiment has confirmed what we all expected, but it is still disappointing…

Sadly, I think you’ll only be meeting again if the rights go to a different developer. Big Daddy’s appears to be totally cooked.