Eclipse is back!?

the update for Eclipse came unexpected.

one important change makes for a huge difference:
A.I.Bots can take over now when a player times out!
and the timer has been expanded from max 24 hrs per turn up to 3 days per turn.

about a year ago i kept trying to play games with randoms, and it was fun for some time, but sooner or later a player timed out and the whole game was instantly busted. not a single game could be finished and so i gave up.

now is the time for a new try! we must find out.
but i couldn’t find an option for private games and GC invitations don’t seem to work any longer.

so i will set up a 4P game with 3 days timer and disabled plasma missiles at 5pm US eastern time/ 11pm central europe time.

if anyone is interested to check it out, just set up an alarm on your device and (try to) join!
hope to cu ingame!


So this is one of those games that requires the host to be in-game for others to join, but, after that, turns play out asynchronously?

i don’t think so.
the “problem” is that anybody can join.
so when we want to play a game with SP friends it’s a good idea to start a game at a certain time.
at least it is no longer a death sentence when a random stranger should join.

good news: Sebastian Mellin from Brettspielwelt just answered to my email and says he likes the idea of password protected games and will take a close look on that option. very promising!


I’m in. 1 spot left by the looks of it

@KYakerDude, i have seen you in the lobby and hoped you would join too.
still one slot open.
@Mysterio? @irishdomer08? @Hardco? @Baelnor? @Mirefox (always ready to check out things)? @kennfusion? @Schlotzky? @JMH.75? our blogger @whovian223 (journalists have to check out things)? @js619? @Codington? @robthomasson? @zen4one? @Dave? anybody?

game has started! even notifications seem to work.

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You saw me lurking!?! Creepy.
I have no memory about how to play this game.

Darn just too late. Fingers crossed the game works now - report back :blush:

Hi Spice, i knew i had forgotten someone important to me in my notifications :man_facepalming:

oh, it feels so good to be back in Eclipse! the soundtrack! the vibe! the great graphics!
replays are working too. could just watch Kyaker’s move. zebra’s move now.
let’s see if he gets a notification.

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it was easy to get the game started by posting a timestamp.
why don’t we do it for SCYTHE too?

just an UI tip:
keep pressing down a fingertip on the empire icons in bottom-left corner to see the infrastructure of opponents (ship designs, technology, initiative etc).

but i’m puzzled if we had a log in the old days? and where is it possibly now?

I’d do it for Scythe. In the past, whoever I okayed with here agreed on a time and we all set our alarms for it. Once the game was created everything worked well, though I wish there were turn replays instead of just a log.

Is Eclipse still iPad-only?

i’ve read something like “fonts are too small on a phone display” in the appstore reviews.
so it may be possible but not recommended.
but i’m not sure about it.

wow, so you have already played a game of async Scythe.
could it be finished? was it any fun?

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I have played a few async games of Scythe … one with @Mirefox … and enjoyed them all … without exposing my potential …


Yeah, outside of setup it worked well. Scores were displayed and my only complaint, like I said, is lack of replays but that’s not a game breaking thing. Just be prepared to see a changed game state and look through a log to determine why.

reminds me on TfM…
but Eclipse on the other hand has very good replays :+1:

So, is it working?

I’ve been playing a bunch of all-Terran games against the AI and I’ve really forgotten how to handle the early game. AI is zooming around in dreadnaughts killing ancients while I’m wondering where my actions have gone. No worries, I’ll be ready for the next game :smiley:

The other UI thing I’ve found which I definitely didn’t know is that a two-finger tap on the screen colours in the empires’ borders, making ownership much easier to see than squinting at corners of hexes.

So far so good.

And that two finger tap tip is great, thanks!

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hahaha, so you haven’t looked into “controls”?
it’s shown there.

How did your game of Eclips go?