Eclipse is back!?

Yes, I was wondering this. And if it worked, anyone want a game?

The games progressing well. The only issue is sometimes my online lobby list won’t load properly. I force close the app and that lets me see the games most times.

I’d be up for another game

I’m interested for a game

game is still running. and running well.
there are notifications (but seems like not for all for whatever weird GC reasons)
we have no badges though. but as it’s one of the fastest loading games out there it doesn’t hurt much to take a look into.
i’ve found a minor display glitch (description fext for a shield calls it a computer in the ship design box. correctly shown in the tech storage box. so nothing serious), and the manual damage allocation doesn’t work at all in the non-auto combat.
or does it work for anyone else? is it just me?
i must use the auto damage allocation, which does a decent job.
but the retreat option is there and ok. it’s the most important difference to complete auto combat, besides the immense +coolness factor.
i will send a bug report to the Dev(s?).

we still have to check out the new and important “Bot takes over timed-out player’s empire” function. guess i will volunteer for that test in the last or second last round.
my empire is kind of down and lost anyway.

@KYakerDude has timed out after being on for 3 days and a Bot took over and did the best possible move.
so that new feature (new for Eclipse, that is) really works.
good news esp for playing games with random strangers.

Sorry. I missed the notification. And I thought I checked it yesterday or two days ago.
Glad it didn’t break the game. And the bot will probably play better than me.
Good luck everyone.

Sorry to see you go. Your navy looks rather dangerous. I’m not looking forward to seeing what the ai does with it

i’m also sorry to see you go.
the game seems to have problems to notify players on “reaction turns”, or?

and sometimes the game just wants a player to take note of something,
in your case it was that Snotty had declined your diplomatic offer.
then it’s enough to go into the game and it will jump to next player’s turn.
no (re)action needed, no pass, nothing to do at all.
and i’m not sure if players get notified for this?

but it might be even more irritating.
some days ago i noticed it was zebra’s turn for two days and asked him about it.
he said he keeps looking into the game each day but it didn’t show his turn.
strange! because i definitely saw his turn for 2 days.
so when something like this has happened again now it would be a serious issue.