Dune: Imperium Landsraad thread

Hmm - can you still see it?

It has disappeared for me after update maybe?

ohhhh, I just got a notification - the update must have fixed them

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I don’t see it either

New one open -

Balenor Game

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I’ve only played a couple of games against the AI but seems solid. Caveat being as I admitted earlier I’m far from anywhere close to being competitive. The AI certainly seems to handle intrigue cards well enough. The last game I played was against 2 medium bots. I was playing catch up in the last round with 7 points against both bots at 9 points. The conflict was a battle with 2 points for the winner. I had a garrison full of troops which I was able to dump into the conflict gambling upon a tie breaker victory with surplus melange / solari. Comfortably won the conflict and looking good headed into the tie breaker until one bot played the end game intrigue card which (I think) gives up to 2 victory points based upon Spice must flow cards. Final score 11 then me 9 then other bot at 9.

Edit: I’ve just realised Dire Wolf have included the solo bots (House Hagal) with the same difficulty levels as the physical version via the AI type toggle at game creation. Super impressed that the solo version has been incorporated from app launch.


Thank you! Now I just have to decide if it’s unlikely enough that my kids will ever play that I’m willing to get good at the game.

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So updating doesn’t break games? Nice.

I just won my first game against 3 easy AI opponents, but only by 1VP. The AI seemed to be making competent moves as far as I could tell.

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So I have now played a couple of games against the AI and I have to say this is a really good game. Low floor and it appears high ceiling. I had a good grasp of a couple general strategies after the first game, and by the 2nd game was already adjusting.


I’ve played a dozen or so times at the table and I find it an excellent game, not just hype. Decisions can be agonizing, games are often close, and there is enough hidden information that it can’t be totally gamed by min/maxers.

I don’t think the expansions are essential but they are both good in their own way.

I haven’t played the revamped uprising version yet.

I am available if a game opens up again. Jason1002+6542

Not only do notifications seem to be working now, but this is the first game DWD has made that has a notification sound, which is nice because that triggers the haptics on my watch.

Started another game, pw spsp4.

This really is a good game and a nice implementation. Even better now notifications work.


Creates one since I can’t see yours (must have missed again!)

PW: sp

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The AI was actually ramped down at one point during the Steam days. If you’re totally into carefully reading patch notes, you’ll find it in there somewhere.

I’m just now winning some Easy games … although finished dead last just a few minutes go.

I can also recommend the Challenges feature.


We’re live.

This game vanished, so I guess it timed out.

I’ll start a new one… done. Password is spsp5

A minor annoyance is that if you want to invite friends, it appears they have to be online when the game is created.

Previous Dire Wolf games are pretty quick to get rid of open games. They tend to disappear in a day or two if they don’t begin.

The friend invite thing is unlike them. I hope they fix that nonsense.

have joined. greetings, gents.

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If you have not tried the Skirmish mode, it is fun.