Dune: Imperium Landsraad thread

For general D:I chat, move reminders and game requests.


@mirefox is up in our game. Hopefully notifications are on the DW roadmap.

I have only gone through the tutorial so far, but will be interested in the next game

I’d be interested in one too

Interested in one as well, plan on watching the tutorial video posted later

game created, spots for 3 people, password is spspsp3

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Eta @Blackfyre is up in the other game.

need 1 more: password is spspsp3

Started another 4 player game

why don’t you join the one I have open that needs another player?

I’m in. However although the app has reminded me how much I enjoy the game, it has also shown me (rather brutally) how bad I am at it. Regardless, Dire Wolf have done a fantastic job.

we still need a 4th in kennfusion’s game spspsp3

How’s the AI?

I tried but couldn’t find - I assumed someone else had the slot. Will try again :slight_smile:

Nevermind, the game was just not updating, we have 4 now.

There are some network problems with this game, but not a huge surprise

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Okay, I was feeling super guilty :slight_smile:

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Is anyone on DWD’s Discord or forums or whatever? Has anyone seen anything about notifications? I assume DWD is at least aware? All the reviews popping up on the App Store are deservedly glowing but nobody mentions the lack of notifications, which I find a glaring issue. Everything else is stellar, which is to be expected from DWD these days.

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Sorry, I took it!

An update popped up within the last hour or two that addresses “bug fixes”

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