Concordia players wanted

anyone for a beginners’ game?

You can add Mirefox. I’ve never played before so bear with me on my first couple turns as I go through the tutorial.

i’ve only played one solo game vs easy A.I. and did not win.
i’d say let’s wait for at least one more player.

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That’s no problem. I probably won’t play the tutorial until this evening and wouldn’t tKe my first turn until after that anyways.

I’ll play as well, but I’ve never played the game.

i will send an invite (password).
first try to log in with apple account ended with the message “AppleNotEnabledForTitle”, what is funny because i had tapped on the “Sign in with Apple” box.
second try was to log in with my Acram account from “Steam Rails to Riches”, but failed too: “Invalid email address or password”.
third try was to register a new account. failed with an “Invalid input parameters. LKey_Username contains invalid characters.” message.
well, i had just typed in my name :man_shrugging:
fourth try failed with an “Email address is not available” message.
i think because i already have that “Steam RtR” account on the Acram server?
so it makes “sense” that an “invalid email address” is “not available”, or?

fifth try succeeded at last.
wasn’t an overimpressing start.
most urgent question: what went wrong with the Apple log-in??

i guess just not activated yet (functions in Steam RtR and Istanbul) and will function soon?

Sorry that happened, but that’s weird. I logged in with my Acram account with no problems.

@Mirefox and @Hardco,
look for “JammaTal’s game”, password: beginners.

out of curiosity i opened the Steam RtR app.
couldn’t log in with my old account data either (“invalid email address or password”). but in that game the Apple log-in functioned.

exactly the same with Istanbul.

funny that my “invalid” email address is valid enough for sending me the Acram newsletter :smile:

i guess the Apple log-in will be activated for Concordia soon.

I’ve got an active game of Charterstone that I open every day, for what it’s worth…

That tutorial has done me no favors. I think I’m going to have to find a video tutorial.

just playing one learning game will help to get a better understanding.
there are tap-links inside the game which lead to corresponding rule sections when questions arrive, like about scoring.
no need to leave the game for opening the rulebook. you just tap on little question marks and can instantly read the correct rule passage.
a nice feature. all digital boardgame apps should do it this way.
let’s just start our game. score will be unimportant.

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I’ll join up in a bit.

I’d be up for one

we have notifications and badges :grin:

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I was able to login to Concordia with my PlayFab account which also worked for Charterstone, Istanbul and Steam.

Not sure if the Acram games always used a PlayFab login … I found a cryptic note (made by me) that might just maybe have implied that PlayFab was first adopted for Charterstone. Then retrofitted to Steam and Istanbul? Possibly. Or not.

This and many other helpful messages are available on demand.

I’m keen for a game if people are still looking. I’m Goatfeeder in game.

Total newbie alert: I’m also available for a game :grinning:

I set up a room under my name with password sp

Room for 3 players

Any other takers?