Civilization VI

i think Snotty had problems to connect his PC CIV to his existing 2K account :slightly_frowning_face:
so had to play on ipad again.

I think the two seperate rooms is mostly a convenience thing as there’s two seperate games going. That said, I’ve not managed to link my iOS account with my pc account, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong

Made it that way mostly cause we have two games going on separate platforms, and also some people (myself included) can’t get the cross platform play to work.

Hell, on iOS I can barely get the damn game to load half the time.

Ditto. For me, the iOS version claims my Game Center ID is already tied to my 2K account on another platform, which is odd, since the only platforms that use Game Center on which I’ve played Civ VI is my iPad.

Ditto. Happens more frequently and consistently, though, since the latest (New Frontier) update.

Thanks for indulging my curiosity. I can see that it feels safer to have each game exist on a given single platform.

I was (lucky enough to be) able to start a game on PC and see it on iOS … but it would be a right old bummer if The Law Of Cross-Platform Identity Fragility kicked in part way through a game.

Was that a single player game that worked cross platform? That’d be ironic. They introduce cross platform cloud saves, but ignore their existing multiplayer cloud save system

I set up a multi-player game on Steam and could see it on iOS. I did no more than that … it turned out that the intended opponent’s iPad was below minimum sensible spec for the game.

I had not even considered of trying it for a single-player game … I guess they exist in a separate way, but can you set up an MP game with only one live player and some AI? Something to prod on a rainy day.

If another Steam based game starts, I would join the next one. I have never played multi-player.

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I am in, scared of Civ multi-player, but let’s go. Already have CQUI, don’t know how anyone could play without.

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I’m in, obv

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that’s not quite correct. i’m very sure that our iOS MP game is in good shape.
it’s just that one player’s iPad can’t load CIV6 anymore.
(the same for his phone btw!)

and that’s very strange because it could always load the game before, and for a very long time. in fact since we had started to play async online games months ago.

has anybody any idea what could be a reason for this strange behavior??
there must be a reason.

i’m not even sure that an update will help. the game code worked before for the devices. it must have to do with the devices, the log-in or the GC ID?

I’ll play.

Is there any chance of playing something other than fractal? Like pangea? It’s hard to explain, but the randomness of the terrain really throws me off. Mountain chains are in weird places, terrain types don’t thematically flow together. I totally follow your logic that it’s better if we don’t know the rough world layout before we start, but it’s be nice to play a game that doesn’t look like someone stuck their hand in a bag of terrain tiles and threw them at the board.

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What do you think of Shuffle instead of Fractal?

A quick scan of the internet seems to show shuffle as being worse for randomness.

Let’s give fractal another try, but if there’s another mid continent mountain chain that prevents me from sending a trade route to my neighbouring city state, I’m going to be most perplexed


Shuffle just chooses one of the other map types at random, while Fractal creates a randomly generated map. With Shuffle, one still doesn’t know the lay of the land (which is what I prefer), but the odds are it’s not Fractal. So it strikes me as a nice compromise.

I think shuffle also randomises sea level, rainfall etc. the example i saw was someone starting on a small island with no hills (presumably archipelago, 5 million years, high sea level) Which is fine for single player, but shuffle could deal us a really weird combo that’ll we’ll still be playing in 6 months

We have 5! Can we get a 6th to fill out the game?

ok, i’ll play PC.
guess i will need to create a new account and to buy the game on Steam again?
because it won’t be possible to link the windows version to my existing 2K account?
i will get the job done on next weekend to install the new desktop.


Great! Just let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll create the game then.

This is fascinating, esp the mods and the game setup. Please do keep a rolling AAR going on here.

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