Civilization VI

What!? We don’t have a Civ VI Players Wanted thread? For shame! I think I’ll change that.

So, four other players and I are in for at least a 6P MP asynch game of Civ VI on the PC with all 8 modes enabled likely using Play Your Damn Turn. I’ll be hosting and own all of the content, but I’m not sure what content needs to be owned by those who join. If others lack content required to join/start the game, we’ll play with the lowest common content among all players.

So, who wants in? At the very least, we’d like a 6th player.


  1. Mysterio
  2. @js619
  3. @Snotty128
  4. abrandt (from Qt3)
  5. dfs (from Qt3)

EDIT: Game has started!


I would love to give it a go… let me download it again

Ahhh. Reread… take me out, I can only jump in on iOS

Mysterio, I think our last multiplayer game of Civ was Civ V in 2014. How the ages pass!

No kidding! I’ll often sort my Steam library by Last Played to view the games I’ve been neglecting and am always shocked to see a beloved game I haven’t played in over a year:

“Really? I haven’t played that in over a year? I could have sworn I played that much more recently.”

So, yeah, time sure does fly (more so the older one gets!).

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@Baelnor, the play-by-cloud multiplayer runs flawless on iOS too and it’s definitely fun to play in “game speed: quick” mode.
our 4P is in turn 116/330 (1100 AD) now and i can’t wait for every turn.

i’m ready for playing in a new game on iOS.

it’s a pity that there is no option in the settings to run the game in true retina resolution on new powerful devices, but it’s playable.
and playing the full CIV6 experience online vs other human players on my tablet is a dream came true for sure!


Dammit… I swore I wouldn’t play the next one… but I’m in…


:joy: Why did you swear you wouldn’t play?

Got tired of this situation lol

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iOS yeah?

I will give it a go!

Let me start downloading and be back in a day or so…


Because you’ve been such a good sport over the last few games, how about I make an exception in the next game and promise not to declare war on you. Everyone else is a free for all, but with you I’ll have to use some of my other non-war abilities to bully you instead

Maybe that’s the middle ground we need so we can all enjoy ourselves

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Haha, I appreciate the offer but no special dispensations needed

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Downloaded the extra bits, ready to go. Will go check out the accounts

If there is still a slot left, I’m in!


It isn’t a matter of notifications not working, it is a matter of the game never bothering to implement them for multiplayer in the first place, which is doubly frustrating since they will push notifications to market DLC. This is the sole reason I won’t play online - with a game so long and involved, notifications are really a must.

Have fun!

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Hey! I can’t open the app on my iPad, and on my phone it won’t connect to 2K account.

Sorry, will need to count me out. Totally looking forward to this!!!

Unless someone knows a fox?

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Sometimes (most times) I open the app and my 2k account isn’t connected/greyed out (so I can’t open cloud saves)

I force close the app and reload it, it fixes it most of the time.

On your iPad, are you saying the app fails to load?

Trying to join, my app just keeps downloading the IAP over and over

Try the steps listed under “In-App Purchases are not unlocking/downloading” first. If that doesn’t resolve the issue (it didn’t for me), then uninstall and reinstall the app (this did work for me).

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Asking out of curiosity … I see that there are separate channels for Civ VI iOS and Civ VI Steam in Discord. Is that just for convenience or because different DLC is being used?

I ask because I believe that iOS & Steam players can be in the same game (optional content allowing) … but seeing the two channels makes me wonder if that is correct …