Charterstone: Digital Edition Beta announced!



If you want a chance to take part in the beta tests of Charterstone: Digital Edition fill out the application form and, well, hope for the best! The number of spots is limited, and we reserve every right to be picky with our beta testers.

The sign-ups start now and will last until the 8th of December.

Do not forget to tell your friends! The more apply, the better!
If you don’t get in, don’t worry! The game will be available for the purchase soon enough!

P.S. Do add in the comments that you’re from Stately Play. May or may not increase your chances. I make no promises, but hey, it definitely won’t hurt.


I don’t personally use TestFlight, so I’ll let the others who do handle the beta testing on iOS, but I eagerly look forward to the full release. I will be buying it day-one without hesitation.


And it’s getting closer and closer to release…!


I said I would get a fb account, but obviously I’d hope for a different method of communication!


Signed up on Beta. Said nice things about Acram. :slight_smile:


Doh, saw this a day after signing up.



Me too.

Oh well. Whovian223 is pretty memorable, right? gulp