Castles of Burgundy coming on Thursday


The developer said that color is determined by turn order, for what it’s worth.


I echo what @whovian223 and @hardco said. It often seems to take an app restart to get my online games retrieved, but then all is fine and dandy. The animations are too much even on fast. The board colours for mines and building are too similar. I want to choose my colour … at BaJ (for example) I can do that and in fact another player can choose the same colour … they just see me in a different colour. Simples.

But the app works fine, you can readily get a description of any tile, you can reset your whole move as many rimes as you want before committing. All the info is there it is just the other players that get in the way of a trouble-free experience :sunglasses:


I’ve never had a problem getting my online games, at least in regards to having to restart the app or anything.

They’ve always come up.


I agree with @robthomasson and @Hardco about Digidice games. It seems I always have to restart the app to get back to the online game. This is pretty consistent for their games I have. Otherwise they generally works well.

I’m thinking I’m going to pass on this one. It looks more involved that what I want to get into right now. Glad Digidice is making good games though.


I’m a big fan of the cardboard version of this game and quite happy with the digital version. Reshuffling all those tiles and goods every turn was a pain with the cardboard version. My only complaints so far are the colors of the mines and towns are too close, as said above, and that it’s really hard to push on the tiny little arrows that let you expand the other players boxes, and that it could be a little more clear to see which player is which color. But otherwise I think it’s great and I just haven’t had enough playing time to get annoyed by the animations yet.


Again, I’ve never had a problem with having to restart the app to get my online games.

One thing Digidiced definitely needs, though, is a “Next Game” feature so I don’t have to go back to the menu and find my online games again.


Or you could stop having so many friends and playing more than one game at a time. I mean, I never have this problem…for some reason…


I only have 2 games. So not that many friends!

But still annoying. LOL


There is a next game button in CoB. It’s one of their character faces and is sort of bottom right of the board.

I just went in (without delay) to a game so I could be more precise about it … but it was not there … so maybe it only appears when it’s my turn and/or I have another game in which to take a turn. But I have definitely seen and used it.

I also have two games on the go and am open to offers for more …


I will look for that!

Thanks, Rob.


Are you on Android? Maybe it’s an iOS problem…

Since I have no idea whose board I am looking at during the replays, I’ve decided for this game I’m better off just disabling replays. This is about as multiplayer solitaire as it comes anyway.


Yeah, I’m on iOS


@whovian223 I saw it this morning! The next game “character face” appears in a sort of rosette by your current VP score. It was only there when I did have another game waiting. It is not labelled when you tap the info symbol at the bottom.

@Hardco Agreed that replays can be discarded. There are times when I care about my fellow players, and what they are up to, and at those times the reasonably readily available current situation tells me all I need to know.


a step-by-step replay option (like in Through The Ages) would be a great feature.
and some color choices are a mess (esp red/orange player colors and mine/city tiles).
btw very faithful to the cardboard edition :man_facepalming:

for me the player sequence display is the best guide to get not lost when watching the replays.


the game is not overcomplicated, but just so much fun to play,
you should not miss it, @KYakerDude.

sooner or later we will have a SP tourney, i’m sure.


I really like it. And now that I’m used to how it plays, full speed takes away the characters in the corner and hastens all the animations. Lovely.

But is anyone else noticing the seemingly ‘unrandom’ distribution of tiles? There’s always a silver mine in slot 5, a boat in 1 or 4, every time. I want to contact their bug forum with this but surely a load of other people have already?


The game has a set distribution of tiles, so that’s not a bug.

The randomness is that, for the City and the Knowledge tiles, you don’t know which of those tiles are going to pop up at a certain time.

But ships/castles/mines are set.


Ah yes you’re right. Not having to use the rulebook with physical pieces let me miss that part of the setup.

Thank you, Capt.


Found it! Wow, that doesn’t look like anything useful. If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have noticed it.


why did it take me so long to think on the new screen recording feature to create my own replay films??

it’s great and of course works for every game. we can scroll forward and backward at any speed and can stop frame by frame and even take screenshots. it’s way better than watching the ingame replays.
even the most complicated and long replays in Ascension, Star Realms or Terra Mystica can be unwinded and enjoyed now.