Castles of Burgundy coming on Thursday


Whoa, wait! What device is this on and how do you get it to work?


It’s on iOS. Got to your control panel and it’s the circular button…


Awesome! Mine was turned off by default and I never thought to browse all my control center stuff. Thanks!


Alrighty, been out for a little while, what’s the verdict? Seeing as it is a t20 bgg game makes me want to get on board. Buy time?


It’s a very well done implementation. Whether or not to get it depends on if you like Feld games. They’re basically themeless (the castle theme is painted on with a thin veneer) point-salad euros.

The app is good, I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of the game itself. Not saying I’m not…just haven’t made up my mind.


miss it at your own risk! definitely a great game and decent app.
for me not even the theme is too thin.
it somehow feels a bit like building castles, towns, mines, merchant ships and farming animals. more so than in many other euros.


Got it, been playing a bit. Solid actually, and the theme fits well.

Not sure if there is huge subtlety in the strat, but that might be me vs ai issues