Castles of Burgundy coming on Thursday



The game is 8.99 on the App Store. No surprise, considering Dogidiced’s apps tend to range from $5-10 and this appears to have more production value than most of their titles. For me, that price merely means that it isn’t going to be an impulse buy right after waking, but I’m likely to pick it up after hearing some impressions.

More importantly, that price likely means a riot over at BGG…


They’re losing their minds… notable quotes:

  • “Any particular reason this is priced at double the cost of other board game apps?”

  • “8.99 is nearly 1/2 the cost of the physical game (on a normal sale)… This marks one of the few times I will wait for an iOS sale for a new boardgame release. Wow.”

@kennfusion’s comment is still being met with confusion and support, and I’m kind of internet famous thanks to @Neumannium!


Who wants to play??


I’m in, but give me till next week - have to learn the game and we’re away for the weekend.


I do far too much impulse buying right after waking.

And right before sleeping.

And all the other times.


I’d love to hear some impressions once any of you have developed any.


Such an inspiring group of sweaty, sex-starved neckbeards over there. Oh, and oblivious, too. As funny as our stealth comment was, it did seem like some pretty obvious trolling. Too busy counting up their VPs in the latest round of Der Bischof und die Essiggurke, I guess.

I used to say this when I bothered posting at that sewer, but I’m going to dust it off again — I’m going to buy this game right now because of the BGG idiots. I’m cancelling out one of their “but $8.99 is almost 900 pennies!” posts with an insta-purchase.

It’s how I roll, yo.


Given how popular this game is and that Terra Mystica is £9.99 I had guessed that this would be the same price. So, £8.99 is fine with me. Downloaded as soon as available. I have never played the board game so played through the tutorial and have just played my first game vs Easy AI. Got thrashed but thoroughly enjoyed the app. Obviously have got to sort a few things out that weren’t explained in the tutorial. I am very pleased with my purchase and given Digidiced track record I am sure that the app will be well supported and improved.


@whovian223 @Hardco @JammaTal

CoB invite sent for shuffled players on the standard board …



(I really need to stop reading the comments at BGG)


The irony is that CoB could be the single most-complained about game as far as looks go.


I think you might be right. There was a lot of complaining about Agricola back in 2013, but I think board game apps were still novel enough that more people were just excited to have an electronic version available. The community has gotten spoiled with all the ports we’ve had the last few years…


I actually meant on the table. The irony being how many people hate the way the cardboard version looks and then people being vocal about the digital facelift.


I’m Gleptoportus on the Digidiced servers if anyone fancies a COB match up (async as I’m on GMT)


Oh, I get it. I’m a dolt.


So, after having it for a few days, what do people think of the app? I wasn’t in a rush to buy it since I’ve never played the physical game. Read some nice reviews but wanted to hear from some of you as well.


My goal was to get a review up, but I haven’t had enough time to put it through the wringer. Not having played the cardboard version doesn’t help, as it’s taking me a bit to figure out just what the hell is going on.

In other words, I have no answer to your question and I probably shouldn’t have made this post.


It’s a pretty good app. I’m not a fan of all the animations in it (even on fast, it does more than I would like in a 4-player game) but otherwise it’s pretty strong.

I haven’t played the AIs yet, so I don’t know how they are. But I like the multiplayer.

I’m not as annoyed at the changed art as others, though I am having a bit of difficulty with the buildings and the knowledge tiles that give you points for those buildings. I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting used to it.


I’ll start by saying the app is a great adaptation of the game. That being said, I still have criticisms:

As per all Digidiced implementations, it takes too long to get into a multiplayer game, and the only freezes or errors I’ve seen have been trying to load directly into a game from the notification message. This combined with some of the animations taking too long (Im not sure, but it feels like the iris opens and closes on your board after every players turn), means it takes longer for me to get in to play my turn than I am happy with.

While I find everything looks good on my iPad, I feel like the interface is a bit small on an iPhone X. This may improve when I get more familiar with the building icons, but it definitely an issue identifying what Knowledge tiles you have active when playing in multiple games. I don’t believe there is a clear sign of what modifiers you have on placing or taking tiles other than how many workers it costs you when you try to execute an action. This means that you need to double-check your Knowledge tiles, or else you might make a sub-optimal move forgetting you have the modifiers. Some sort of reminder on screen showing the range you can cover without spending a worker would be helpful…

Lastly, the game doesn’t tell you whose board you are looking at, and only lists the players on the side of the screen that are not the active board. So by viewing other people’s boards, your info can jump to every location on the left side of the screen. Combine this with the fact that you can’t choose your color (and seem to have a random color assigned each game), I never know whose board I am looking at during the replays.

Despite all that, the game looks great, and it has been a lot of fun to play!