Brand New Root Megathread

Created to move the conversation of what seems to be a popular game out of the Journalism thread.


I am aware that it is my turn, but I need to take some time to go through the tutorial before I get moving.

I’ll be up for a MP game after I learn how to play.

Alrighty, I am in.

Baelnor in the app, invite me to all the things.

As per elsewhere @hardco, @whovian223 and I are on our third game. Bustling along nicely and “learning through experience”.

Only real twitch so far is that @whovian223 was not notified when it was up to him to take an action during @hardco’s turn.

There may be a couple little bugs here and there (I, for example, seem to get a notification every hour or so while my turn is up), but the production on this one is off the charts and I about ready to put this on the Through the Ages-caliber pedestal.


I was just reading the Steam forum for the latest patch notes and somebody does mention the “no notification when you have to take an action during somebody else’s turn” issue.

I guess we didn’t notice it before because we were on Steam, so weren’t using notifications.

edit: I just sent it to Dire Wolf support as well.

I’m in. Goatfeeder in the game. Also a newbie!

Unlike some other Dire Wolf apps, you can go into a game when it is not your turn.

I have played as the Vagabonds, the Woodland Alliance and now the Eyrie Dynasties. All interesting. Just entered Turmoil for the second time in this current game … but both times it could have been avoided if I had remembered (all of) the rules.

JMH75 (without dot) in the game. I can use another game :slight_smile: Fully newbie classified :wink:

I’ve created another newbie game for anyone to join; SpiceTheCat‘s game, password Sp2

Baelnor game is up - Sp2 is the password

I am very sorry to anyone whose strategy I completely ruin by being a bumbling idiot. Cat actions seem fairly straightforward but I have no semblance of a strategy yet, and I still need to learn what the other factions do.

Still looking for a couple more to learn / noob it up with us!

@JMH.75 to consider casualties in our game (even though it says my turn)

I got the notification. Choices have been made.

This is such an excellent implementation of the board game.

Going to enjoy this app

@SpiceTheCat did you play an ambush card on me (the Eyrie) when I just fought you? I had 3 against your 1 , and then when I got back into the game the clearing had no one in it

So apparently you also don’t get notifications when somebody’s made their choices and it’s still your turn.

After @JMH.75 made his choice, I wouldn’t have known I still had things to do if he hadn’t told me.

I did play ambush, hence the empty clearing. Quality notifications then.