Board Game Arena?

I’m looking to give BGA a shot for async gaming, but I have never tried it before. Would anyone be interested in getting a game of Teotihuacan or Yokohama going there? I’m open to other ideas if these have limited appeal…


Please report your experience.

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I’m a member there and would love either (though I’ll have to brush up on the rules to Yokohama).

I love that site.

I’m with @whovian223 - love that site. I’ve been a member for a few years and have regular games of Tash-Kalar and Innovation going. Great website, well supported, and good community as well - I’ve never had an issue with anyone there.

Not familiar with either of those but always up for learning something new!

Yep. Site is great. Dont expect the latest boardgame releases, but there are a lot of games available and are still getting added. I play a lot carcassone, jaipur and potion explotion at the moment over there (cross platform AND notifications) with my wife and a few friends.
You dont need Premium at all, unless you want to support them or start tables with friends. And even then only one person of the group needs premium.

I used to play BGA a ton but haven’t recently. I’m up for a game of Teotihuacan

I believe I have set up a 4p game of Teotihuacan.


Can you confirm?

It is a great game … should be well implemented at BGA.

I have made you my friends at BGA … so there!

Yup, I’ve joined. We’re waiting for Whovian to start.

I friended you guys on there. I am Jason Smith on BGA

I’ve joined! @Hardco’s turn

Looks like Hardco is winning in your game. I see that none of you has chosen to gain another worker from the group of dice in the middle, as a reward for ascending someone. This is after 277 moves. You don’t want to have to pay that additional worker during the next eclipse?

I seem to always be short on cacao…and I often have to just pick the 5 cacao bonus for ascension.

I’ve never tried picking the extra worker so I don’t know if that is a good strategy or not! Someday…

I have literally no idea wtf I’m doing in this one

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I know nothing about this game but hearing you guys talk about ascension and eclipses and cacao has me intrigued.

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then I should be winning. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The two ascension bonuses I took were cacao, and spending cacao to move up the green track twice and get more cacao. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do, but I still need more cacao!

BGA just released Marco Polo and Marco Polo II (I love both games, but the second one better).

Have to be a Premium member to set up a game of Marco Polo II, but the first game is open for anybody.

Anybody interested? I can set up a game of II or we can play the first one.

I’ve never played either, but I’m game.

I’d play. I’ve played 1 a few years back. Either one is fine.