Board Game Arena?

I’ll give it until tomorrow and then set up a game of Marco Polo II.

Thanks, guys!

Sounds good. I’ll start learning the game

I would like to play Marco Polo II

cool! I was just about to set the game up. What’s your BGA name? I’ll invite you too.

Jason smith

I think I created one? Hopefully you all got the invite.

It’s been @irishdomer08 turn for a couple days, who gets a bonus each time he rolls a die. He gets a choice because he rolled doubles. I have the leader that can travel quicker.

Oh sorry! Playing now

7 Wonders: Duel also available on BGA!!!

Nice, that is a great 2p game

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Any premium member at BGA want to invite me to a 7 wonders duel game? :wink:


Congrats, @Hardco in your win in Marco Polo 2. You were very efficient in your moves. I see from the stats that I bought the least amount of black dice, so maybe that’s why I ended in 3rd place.

Thanks! Now that I get the game, I feel like my character was underpowered, but I tried to make the best of it… I’m up to play again, but I couldn’t rematch as I’m not premium.

I can rematch when I’m at the computer again if everybody else wants.

I tried with a character I’ve never used before and obviously don’t get how to use him

Sure, I’d try again. Thx!

The Crew was just released on BGA.

Anyone want to play? (Plays 3-5)

It doesn’t seem like the sort of game that would work async, but I’m game to give it a try…

I haven’t learned a heavy economic game in a while. Is anyone interested in playing The City of Big Shoulders?

Since the advent of Omicron busted up my in-person gaming, I dove headfirst into BGA, and under the floorboards I discovered that they have some great games in Beta and Alpha, including but not limited to A Feast For Odin, Tigris & Euphrates, Great Western Trail, Watergate, El Grande, etc. I’ve actually been testing Betas of Blood Rage and Space Empires 4x, and will soon test T&E. Friend me up if you’re interested in testing these, or playing anything else.

7 Wonders: Duel live is amazing! You can get a game almost instantaneously at any time of the day or night. Helps keep my ego in check. :wink:

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Space Empires 4x? That’s cool that they have another GMT game there.

I’ve never played it, though.

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It’s sort of retro, but the interface, though not perfect, is really good. Pretty simple game to learn. By the time it emerges out of testing, it should be a dependable go-to strategy game