BGG and the idiots


Dave, just saw your post over on BGG expressing your frustration with the place and that you’re leaving.

Sad to see you go, but happy that we still have you here!

At least we’re not asshats (at least I think none of us are :slight_smile: )


God, how can you find anything over there? User pages are such a nightmare.


Practice, practice, practice :slight_smile:


How the fuck did I not know Dave was even on BGG?


I have not read the discussions on the BGG iOS boardgame blog in years. Most of the comment discussions are trash. PT and then SP became the replacement for me. But I still read the iOS news there. Since I am super active in the BGG Star Realms tournament/league scene, I sub to the iOS board. But never read comments. Just checked now to see why Dave gave up, and remembered why I don’t read that stuff.


Does this mean he’s ours, all ours?!?

(And link the post, for lord’s sake man!)



Whoops! Sorry about that. I was on my iPad and got lazy.

Thanks, @OhBollox


Comments like those are why I stopped reading and supporting BGG a loooong time ago.

I’m sorry that it finally hit you @Neumannium.


On the plus side, @Neumannium is getting a lot of love over there right now, too.


I was pleased to see that.

It does basically prove that old notion that it’s easier to complain than to compliment.

A lot of times, compliments only come out in response to something drastic like “I’ve had enough” posts.


Thanks everyone. It’s been a long time coming. This was just the little push I needed to pull the trigger.

SP isn’t going anywhere. Well, it might get better, but I mean it’s not going away. Or something. You know what I meant.


Deffo keep posting reviews there, squire. Even if you don’t respond to any comments, which I find to be an eminently sensible policy. Please remember the words of our lord and saviour:


Absolutely the right call.

It’s a terrible, toxic site full of some truly awful people. But they like to fool themselves by yelling about “community” at the top of their lungs.

Just cut the cord and go. Never look back.


I feel like this is true of literally every social media site, honestly.


While this might be the case overall, there are pockets that are not. The Star Realms leagues have over 200 members now, and it is a very welcoming and inviting community. But perhaps it is an anomaly.


50 posts in and the gauntlet is thrown…


I’m afraid to ask what this means. I haven’t been back over there to see, and plan on deleting my account. I promised brad I’d wait to do it until he could figure out a way for me not to delete all my blog posts at the same time.


Lots of love coming your way, but then one more idiot right at the end.

That’s what the comments have been.

As I said, the compliments always come out to something like this rather than actually being said when it might actually matter.


much praise and love, Dave. and that is what matters.
just forget about the idiots.

[edit] some new comments on BGG are of the holier-than-thou and arrogant kind too.
(“i’d be happy and willing to forgive if he returned.”)
(“but i feel like he crossed a line, so forgive is an appropriate feeling in this situation for me.”)
holy cow, what is this guy smoking?
exactly the stuff no one needs to read.