BGG and the idiots


I can only concur with kennfusion’s comments on the Star Realms leagues. Very fun and kind group.


I’m not familiar with the Star Realms league, but I can say that while BGG has its share of toxic people, I’ve overall found the site to be a very nice place to be.

That could be because I mainly stick to the forums for specific games rather than the general forums.

And yeah, the comment threads to posts (like the news posts which caused all of this) can sometimes get bad, my overall impression is a good one.

That being said, I haven’t been the target of the toxicity because I don’t post stuff for the site like Dave does. And I’ve seen the comments sections of some of Dave’s news posts, and sometimes it can get a bit tough to read.


I think the overall attitude isn’t as awful as most internet forums, but the sense of entitlement in particular is palpable. It’s particularly difficult to understand if you’re not American.


I’m just going to leave this here.


I feel like years of participation in RSP has thoroughly warped my expectations. My intuitions about standards for forum behavior are, shall we say, badly in need of calibration.


It’s a really odd aspect of the hobby. I see it on r/boardgames a lot too. It’s like knocking around with a load of cokeheads who are all constantly high as kites and resent you even suggesting laying off the naughty salt for even a day.


I lol’d at this - definitely using this to describe cocaine the next opportunity I get



That was funny - people dismissed Dan’s review of war chest because he said you had to control 7 hexes instead of 6. Wow what a big mistake! (Not)

At least he tried to warn ppl about this boring attritional “war game”


I see that @Neumannium has returned to BGG’s Soon-To-Be-Formerly-Known-As-The-IOS-Board-Games-Blog :smile:

Also, I think they should rename that blog “The what ever Neumannium and Brad feel like posting about, so suck it! blog”


Last week on Stupidity on BGG!


an overwhelming “welcome back” for Dave on BGG.
you have made many people happy, Dave :grin:

what about “Digital Board Games” instead of “iOS Board Games” as new title for your blog?


SEVEN PAGES of that bullshit (so far). It’s jaw-dropping.

That place is just a nightmare combination of the over-educated and under-sexed.


I made it through all 7 pages (though admittedly started skimming a bit).

Do I get a prize?


I scrolled down the first page thinking, “Well, this is inane but not overwhelmingly irritating…” and then I saw it went on for 6 more pages and thought, “Ohhhh–that’s absurd.”

The key things I do on that site at this point are participate in the math trades every month (scored 2 trades this month), enter the contests, and keep tabs in the TIME Stories news. Participating in the forums is an exercise in madness.


It just makes me grit my teeth when I see a thread like that. Two pages is enough. One of the best worst examples is this from when Dead of Winter first came out. 27 pages. Enough to drive someone to murder.



I think it’s a great idea!! :slight_smile: “iOS Board Games” touches so much more aspects than iOS board games stuff (Steam for example). Besides, I think that Nintendo Switch related content will be soon more frequent guest on this blog as well :wink:


I second the ‘Digital Board Games’ rebranding idea, and only partially because it’s my job to do so.

It simply makes sense. More and more games get ported to more and more platforms. Ours are on 2 types of mobile and 3 different OS for PC, about to get into Switch. I know Asmodee does similar things. Then there are strictly PC (Steam) options like Armello or (whether they’re actual board games it’s a topic for another debate).

So that’s my 2 cents.


Remember your target audience. For a forum title, I’d suggest:

“Games of all genres heretofore associated with tabletop gaming, colloquially called “boardgames,” that have been re-created on some, or all, digital platforms (but likely not Android); also, some games on said platforms that share commonalities with “boardgames” but may not be labeled so in the traditional sense.”