Back down to the farm - Agricola players wanted

So the whim suddenly struck me to fire up the Agricola app for the first time in a long while, and it occurred to me that I should look at the Stately Play “players wanted” thread for it to see if there was anyone I should be populating my friends list with. And then I saw that there wasn’t any such thread, so clearly there should be such a thread, and now there is. Hi, I’m Tamsk, and I want to play some Agricola with you.

I’d relearn this one -I remember liking it a lot and the app being pretty seamless.

Jhtaube, Snotty128 and I have a regular game going. I’ve been thinking it would be nice to pick up a fourth to change the dynamic and get a few more cards in the rotation.

I’m always happy to play more Agricola too if you find enough to start another game!

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I have not played this for a long time. Would be interested to get into it once more :grinning:

I’ll play a friendly game. I need more experience with this game.

I was in the Hardco game and got chewed up. They are good! Wish I was a little better.

I’d love to try this again…

I play this app regularly with strangers. Please include me in any you are starting. J4son1002.

Well, that’s six people, so I’ve set up a couple of four-player games. That’s about as many as I’d want to be in concurrently, but of course others should keep posting here for future fun farming frivolity.

I’ve got a question about the starting player spot.

I’ve played the Lover and so have three family members. Tamsk previously was the starting player, and I was last. I selected starting player and minor improvement. Since I was the last player, I played two turns, then when the next turn started I shown in the first spot, but it is Tamsk’s turn, not mine.

Is this an error in the game, or is there some rule I don’t understand?

This could really mess up my plans.

There would not be an error in the game. If it is a harvest round, Tamsk would be the first to have to feed, so it would be his turn. Tamsk may also have an ability that triggers at the start of a round. For instance, if he has the Wood Distributor, he has to decide whether to reassign where wood goes from the 3 Wood spot. Then it should proceed with you making the first move.

Unless of course you selected Starting Player with a Minor, and declined the Starting Player action… That may be possible, but it would involve tapping a red X at some point.

Hardco has the right answer: it was just my Master Shepherd needing me to confirm where I’d like my sheep installed. KYakerDude’s taking the first actual turn of the round.

I ended up taking the first turn as expected. It was the Master Shepherd that did it.


Congrats on getting one of the most unbalanced cards in the game! :wink:

Uh, we’ve seen a lot of complaints about some cards being unbalanced, but Master Shepherd has never been one of them…

Not sure if serious, but the response was directed at Kyakerdude’s Lover!

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Thanks, lets see if I can make it work for me. I’ve managed to feed him this first harvest round. I remember you played it in one of our games. You would have beaten me anyway. :slight_smile:

Just read this a second time. Out of context; how do you know my lover? :smile:

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I’ve played with them often, and they were always overpowering!

@Hardco crushed us all, getting 61 pts. He didn’t even need a fireplace or cooking hearth–he had a lot of food coming in from minor improvements (and the Apprentice). The harbor master occupation, landing net, and private forest helped him get started quickly and build many rooms, sometimes 2 at a time. He got 5 family members fast, ended with 6 stone rooms thanks to the Quarry. Good job!

Yep, it was clear fairly early on that Hardco had stolen quite the march on the rest of us and it was going to be a squabble for second place. (Which I managed to edge, though not without a great deal of regretful staring at occupations and improvements in my hand that would have been splendid had I managed to get them down four rounds ago.) Congratulations @Hardco, and let’s see if we can make a better showing in the rematch!