Back down to the farm - Agricola players wanted

I’m going to chalk my last place performance up to re-learning the game… :wink:

You unfortunately ended up with the position of being blocked from your first family growth by my second and third. By that point there wasn’t much you could do… The most limited resource in 4p is building rooms and family growth!

I’ll throw my name in the ring for a practice game if anyone is interested. mhatke on playdek

Need to shake off the rust!

interested :slight_smile:

Redownloading on my phone and will send out an invite

What’s your in game name?

I should probably relearn this game, I have not played since it came out. kennfusion

I’m interested in a friendly game.

Alright I’ve accepted both games. That’s enough raised stress for the holidays. Good luck all :slight_smile:

JMH.75 is my name in agricola.