Artifact (Valve's new CCG)


Is anyone else picking it up when it lands tomorrow?

I used to play a bit of Dota 2, so I’m familiar with the setting, but I’ve sorta been intentionally not reading anything about it. Just know Richard Garfield is involved somehow, and you play on 3 lanes (take that Elder Scrolls.)

I’ll probably be picking it up, unless Morels consumes me as I think it also lands tomorrow.


I am certainly intrigued but will probably hold out for mobile. I heard some complaints online about pricing, but that’s nothing new…

Give us your impressions when you’ve had a go.


Same for me. Twenty bucks is definitely not “buy now, think later” territory for me. Might have been at one time, but we’re certainly not spoiled for choice, these days, and I’m getting my CCG fix from Magic Arena these days.


I’m taking a wait and see as well. Magic Arena is giving me everything I need from a CCG right now, and I’ve only spent $5 on the welcome package.


Will do. £16 is a round of pints in London, so I’ll just skip sociallizing after work this weekend.
Don’t have kids so I waste far too much money on games / guitar pedals / synths, usually in that order.


You know, if you spent more time socializing over pints after work, you’re more likely to end up with kids…


Well two things.

  1. My wife and I are these types: (side effect of being the only goth in my hometown, and having an extended family of baby boomers that’s the size of a small village, my mom and dad each have 5+ siblings and most of my aunts and uncles have 3+ kids)
  2. Practicing the baby-making part has always seemed more fun than actually having them :smiley:

(downloading Artifact now)

Preordering earlier today got me 10 packs at a discounted rate, I’m assuming it’ll still be the same now it’s released.


Initial reaction, feels super polished. Feels like playing an entire team of Dota characters as a back and forth turn based match. Still in the 2nd tutorial match.

You get 2 starter decks (the ones you play with in the two tutorial matches), 10 packs, and 5 event tickets for the entry price. Now that I’m reading more about the costs involved, this is sounding much more like a M:TG Online model. Seemingly no way to earn free cards, no daily bonuses. You can trade cards or sell them on the Steam Marketplace, but otherwise it’s buy packs or single cards from the marketplace, with money.

Mechanically this feels like a great game, but that market model is causing some doubt.


The imp standing on your deck during the match points at the opponent’s tower and snickers at them when it sees you’re going to take it out this turn.


I think a lot’s going to depend on where individual card prices hit. There are a shit-ton of cards for MTGO that are a penny each, which makes building a deck a pretty cheap proposition. Some folks on the steam forum were spitballing 5 cents each, which imho is too high, assuming that’s a baseline and some cards will go for two to five times that with a few hitting the stratosphere, again a la MTGO. Gonna have to see where the market settles. Twenty bucks seems too high for an initial buy-in, too. MTGO makes you start off at 10, which is much more reasonable for something you are just gonna have to spend more money on if you want to get any real use out of it.


Yeah, looks like commons are £.01 each right now, and I there’s a pauper style league for common only matches.

To buy the current highest rank net deck ( it’d cost me £23.16 not including the cards I already own.

To buy all the other common cards I don’t already own ( £3.39.

Uncommons ( £21.71

Rares ( £132.44

My rarest card: Drow Ranger £7.61


Huh, so are they also a penny in USD? Are there any penny rares, or just commons?


My biggest concern with all these CCGs is net decking and stale metas. I can’t stand when I see the same 2 decks over and over because someone saw some streamer somewhere do it. I also can’t stand when the meta more or less forces you to use certain cards or not be competitive.


I’m just gonna say one thing in response to that:

Fuck. Merfolk.


I was a merfolk player, but back then there wasn’t much net decking. If I got any ideas, they were from Scrye magazine. I played merfolk mainly because I preferred blue more than anything.


#1 most overplayed and annoying deck in Arena right now.


Lol. They are back? I’ve been out of Magic for years, outside of picking up a duel deck maybe once a year.


Yes, and they are insane for a tribal deck. Not top tier, of course, but then neither is anything I have.


I just fired up the Open Beta for the first time and worked through the tutorial. I like the Hearthstone-inspired interface and hope that the speedier battles give this game some legs.


Arena is very well done. There are plenty of complaints from the user community, but most of them are coming from players who want access to every card now without having to pay for it.

I’ve been playing enough to get 15 daily wins just about every day, and I don’t think I’ve played against a Merfolk deck once in at least the last 2 weeks. I am playing against a lot of decks that look similar to the top decks at recent Pro Tour events, so the Standard meta game seems to carry over to this digital version.