Artifact (Valve's new CCG)


Are you doing quick play or constructed? I do pretty much quick play exclusively, and it is exceedingly rare for me to go ten games without seeing merfolk, and often it’ll be every two or three games that they pop up. If you don’t nip them in the bud immediately, they just go off on you, like 5 or 6 3/3 or bigger creatures (at least one of whom is unblockable) by turn 4 go off.

EDIT: I encounter the same few decks time after time, too, it’s a little bit boring. If it’s not merfolk, it’s the black/green saproling deck, and if it’s not that, it’s the red/white deck that facerolls if anything faster and harder than merfolk. If you’re not lucky or incredibly aggro, you probably won’t win. I’ve taken to playing a white/blue Psychic Corrosion deck because I’ve always been a huge sucker for milling as a victory mechanic, but even with a deck full of counters and whatever cards are called that prevent creatures from attacking, I still get my ass handed to me plenty by decks that are just too speedy to counteract.


Quick play. I want my 15 wins as quickly as possible, so I’ve been playing this red deck for the past month:

I built it by doing quick drafts in Guilds of Ravnica and Dominaria and targeting the cards I needed in the draft.

The matchmaker is based on your Constructed Rank and the “strength” of your deck, so I’m guessing the number of mytics & rares in the deck drives who you play against.

I see a steady stream of RWU Teferi, Izzet Drakes or Arclight Phoenix, Boros w/ Aurelia, white weenie, Golgari, and mirror matches. It’s enough variety that it doesn’t get boring, and it’s a small enough group that I’ve learned what I need to do to attack each type of deck. I’m not usually a fan of playing red aggro decks, but this one has a lot of interesting decisions, and I can usually tell by turn 4 or 5 whether I’m going to win or not, so the games go by quickly.