Any interest in Wingspan?

Looking for those interested in Wingspan. Maybe even a tourney? If you’re interested, please respond by copying and add your name below. If interested in a tourney, add if any interest in running it?


Def interested, but no time to run it.

Overwhelming interest! Lol……

I’m going to start a game with you and two guys from my other group, remus and Zen4One. You may have played with them before. Cheers!

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Happy to play!

I’d play. I can’t organize a tourney, though.

I’d also play, but can’t organize a tourney right now.

@js619 Hey Jonathan, are you js619 for wingspan or another handle? I invited js619 but it just shows a “?” In game.

Hey @Baelnor @Mirefox @geigerm

I already started a game with two others and @js619 (I think). Feel free to start your own with three or wait tor a fourth or fifth. Doesn’t look like there’ll be enough for a tourney but we’ll see.

Actually, I could also start a five player with all of us! Hmmmm. I’ll wait until later this evening to see if others show up, otherwise expect an invite about 11pm EST.

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JS619 indeed. Saw it and accepted!

@js619 up in Wingspan. Should I invite you to another game with five players, including @Mirefox @geigerm and @Baelnor ???

Guys, let me know if you’re not receiving notifications after the game starts and we can just post here whose turn it is.

I’m game for a tournament, but I can’t run it.

I will join.

Sure, never played a 5p of this!

I’ll play.

@geigerm @Mirefox @Baelnor @whovian223 @kennfusion

We have five who are not playing yet. Best bet, I think you guys should start your own five player game. Good?

The first game with @Zebracadabra @zen4one @js619 and @Dave started last night.

Totally in for playing. @doublebullout

Should use my iPad Wingspan name, whovian (no 223). Great app but since you don’t have an account, you can’t use the same user name on multiple devices.

Steam invites can be tricky, I think. That’s where I’m whovian223

I’ll play, but I’m not up for running a tournament.

@js619 you’re up in our game

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