A brief history of the world

Ive got a hankering to play some ‘A brief history of the world’, is anyone else interested?

The game uses game centre invites but I suspect the lobby is dead, so I expect we could just start a public game without randoms joining us.

From what I remember the game does have some serious bugs, specially revolving around the undo function, so maybe its best if we just dont use undo at all.

Ive started an empty 3 player game if 2 hardy souls want to help me check to see that the game is playable. I think the game is likely better with more players though.

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one of my absolute favorites!
there really is some deep strategy involved.
ok, lots of dice rolls, but ways to make the best of it.

the most serious bug strikes when someone aborts replays. so better not touch that. just let the replays run through. and yes, better no undo.
so we could finish the last friendly matches.
astonishingly the game has iMessage invites now. there are categories “recents” and “contacts”. so we could exchange email/iMessage addresses by PM if someone not on friendslist.
in any way, i’m in!

could not see your game. is there a lobby at all? only auto-fill for instant start (“player determined automatically”).

I’m in! And obviously can confirm (unknown) bug with skipping replay and known bug with undo. Trying to get fixes through but having “issues” with App Store submission right now. So don’t hold your breath! I would like to play though…

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I dont think there is a lobby as such, but you should be able to join a game from the main menu by going:

online-> new match-> selecting 3 player slots and 3 empty slots-> starting player:random-> hitting play-> play now

I suspect someone has done this within the last hour as my matchmaking game has updated its timestamp.

There was also a 4 player game that now has 3 players in it, but I doubt the other 2 are active.

I think I just joined your game

I see you, but maybe try joining another 3 player game. Im not sure who gumby is, but his name has popped up in a few games which I assume are ‘legacy’ games.

But it would be great if there was another active player out there in the wild :slight_smile:

Got it! I’m going to lose this so bad :slight_smile:
Shall I delete the other one?

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Maybe see if gumby shows up? Its worth a go

@jammatal whovian and codington have joined me in a 3 player thats yet to start but looks promising. There should be a couple of 4 player games with me in them, or we can start another 3 player.

Couple of games running now. Snotty up in both. :slight_smile:

I think our 4 player game is the last of the games with random players in it, so I dont know if we will have any progress there.

Perhaps yourself, @whovian223 and @JammaTal could join the other 4 player slot I have open, if thats not too many potential games running at once for you

Just tried to create/join another 4 player and there was nobody else in it. I think we are just waiting for @JammaTal and @whovian223 to join the other 4 player.

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Joined it. And probably should be my last one. LOL

I think I’m in the 4th game, but it’s not letting me access it.

My online games page says “page 1/2,” but the arrow buttons aren’t moving me to the next page so I can’t access it.

I only see you in 3 games, gumby and whovian, codington and whovian, and finally jammatal, codington and whovian

Ok, cool

I had a red 1 on my icon and no games available, and the “1/2” made me worried.

But I just took my turn in one of our games just now and it’s gone.

Seems like a false alarm

Oof. Major bug I had never seen before: somehow Snotty scored twice playing Incas & Aztecs. Only supposed to score at the very end. Doubly deadly since he got to go first so still had all his control from last Epoch!

I’ll email the developer about this one… LOL

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Happy to be playing this game with you.

Because I wouldn’t have noticed that at all. :slight_smile:

this game is SO amazing!
one if the best strategy boardgames in whole appstore.
it would be so freakin’ great if this gem could make the jump to 64-bit and get rid of bugs.
if only we new someone who might be able to do something about it :grin: :joy: :grimacing:

but i know it’s not that easy at all. a matter of time investment. and for earning what?
our friend Codington is more than busy with his regular job earning a livelihood for the family.

Im not sure I scored twice, I think I just had an exceptional round.

I was on about 80 points before (I remember being about ten points in front of your 69)

I got:

N.America mastery +6
S.America mastery +6
N.Europe dominance +4
S.Europe presence +3
M.East presence +3
India dominance +6
S.E.Asia dominance +2 (?)
China dominance +6

Making 36 of the 51 I needed to hit 132, with the rest coming from my capitals, cities and monuments.

Its just a shame the Spanish had to come and ruin all my fun!

Maybe just a bug in the replay then. Not as bad!