A brief history of the world

Thanks for the game!

I had a strategy to have the lowest score going into epoch 3 so I got to pick the first empire. Of course the powerful Romans, Macedonians or the vast Han empire all failed to show up, leaving me with a bunch of second rate barbarians to pick from.

Im also overjoyed to see the Sumerians survive the entire game, despite the early disaster reducing their capital and city walls. I was hoping they would be ignored, tucked away in the middle east as they are, and they scored me points all game. Likewise, the Incas and Aztecs might appear weak but even the Spanish couldnt uproot them this time. All those remnants of their civilisations kept scoring me points.

Id love to play another if youre interested, of course we could also wait for our 4 player game to run its course to keep Jammatal in the loop.

I wouldn’t mind another one, but I’m currently in 3 (well, 2 since this one is over) and I’d like to keep it to two.

Either another 4-player with Jammatal or if he’s bowing out after our game, then I’d be happy to join another 3-player one.

Actually, who’s the third person in that one game we’re in, @Snotty128?

Assuming we don’t do a rematch of that one, then I’m happy to join this one.

i will be ready for a 4P rematch when our game will be finished.

and yes, the game reminds me on Mario Kart where an early and/or midgame lead is not the best approach too.
jumping to the lead in the final round and then hope to defend it :expressionless: