3 Video Game Wishes


The WotC Digital Push article inspired the following that I was going to post in that thread, but might be more interesting to ask everyone else what their 3 wishes would be for gaming:

If I had 3 video game wishes from a video game genie they would be:

  1. A New Roadwar game, mostly untouched from the original Roadwar 2000 and Eurpoa games, other than graphics, UI, AI and other modern touches, but with the gameplay intact.

  2. A new Master of Magic, mostly untouched from the original MoM, other than graphics, UI, AI and other modern touches, but with the gameplay intact.

  3. WotC to give us a new version of the MicroProse MTG game mostly untouched from the original other than graphics, UI, AI and other modern touches, but with the gameplay intact.


This is really a good question that you asked over here. Every game lover has their own favorite games, with this they also have some wishes that they want to fulfill in the upcoming series in the future. I want game should have every new feature like a gamer has the power to select or substitute his favorite player in the middle of the game. Every series of the video game should have less loading time as compared to its previous version with this one should also have the good graphics, dynamics sound quality. For me, background music plays a vital role in every game or movies, it is like a soul which makes the game playable. Many people don’t understand the importance of playing a video game. This is not true that playing a video game is like a waste of time, every video game has its own strategy which needs to be understood before playing that particular game, by this, one can boost their mind in strong analytical thinking. Apart from this, playing video game also increases our multitasking skill as we need to do a lot many things while playing, it enhances our memory, etc. Currently, I am playing Playerunknowns Battleground on the PC. I used PC as a gaming platform because we can play any type of video game in it either in single player as well as in the multiplayer mode. One can also buy Playerunknowns battlegrounds if looking to play a battleground game, in this game player need to defeat their enemies in order to protect their homeland. Well, this game can also be played on the PS, Xbox, etc. Playing this game for me is like decreasing your loneliness. I am also looking for the shooter video game to play with friends in order to extract more fun out of it. A shooter video game is quite different from the role-playing game.

  1. Pause. Absolutely every part of a game should be pausable, at all times.

  2. The gamers-to-Nazis pipeline should cut it out.

  3. More Zelda. I keep looking for a new console game to really dive into, but what I really want is a game as inviting and lovely as Breath of the Wild, maybe with less combat. Doesn’t have to be actual Zelda, and Okami might be my solution next. By contrast, I found Red Dead Redemption 2 at the library, and played for maybe an hour before deciding the characters and setting were too unpleasant. I’d like something that’s emphatically not noir. Natural settings are particularly appealing—I can dig a bold sci-fi aesthetic like Bespin or Tron, but something set in areas of natural beauty would really connect with me at the moment.

4 (I’m greedy). Something in the Battletech/Sails of Glory vein, where you control a big thing with lots of pieces which can be damaged individually and allocate actions to various operations, including repair. I’m not fussy about the theme; could be an overcoat full of squirrels.


Let me know what you find in your search for more Zelda.

Breath of the Wild defies explanation for me. Generally speaking, I never find myself able to get in to open world games. I’ve tried many, and I may have been in awe or excited about the world for an hour, but the excitement wanes quickly and I grow bored. I think I beat Injustice back on the PS3, but I can’t think of another open world game that I have devoted much time to. Even games like Skyrim, which on paper I should love, can’t hold my interest long.

Then there is BotW. Maybe part of it is Zelda nostalgia, but that game was amazing! It completely captivated me so much that I actually played through it twice. And I want to play again. I enjoyed the world and I loved exploring it.

I’ve tried open world games since. One in particular, Horizon Zero Dawn, was a fantastic game but, like all other open world games, I kind of burned out on it somewhere in the middle while wandering around aimlessly. There is something intangible about Zelda that captivated me and I’m looking to repeat the experience.


I clearly have more tolerance for the usual open-worldness than you, so the contrast is less stark, but I think I break along similar lines. I finished Horizon Zero Dawn and recognize it as excellent, with a plot that (mostly) nicely connected up with my old interest in AI, but I never felt joy in it the way I did with BotW. I’m currently finding Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey tolerable because the main character is sardonically light-hearted. I remember feeling like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, while flawed, was absurdly refreshing simply because the characters in it seemed able to enjoy life. For some reason, a very great deal of our media seems intent on portraying people whose greatest moments will be bittersweet revenge or painfully surviving.


Your comment resonates with me at the moment, since I’ve decided that I want to make a determination this Winter on which FFG “Arkham Horror Files” games to actually bring to the table, and possibly acquire expansion content for. I’m thinking that I’d like to become more selective with my time and money budgets and avoid investing them in the tolerable ones, but hopefully identify some that I’m more enthusiastic about.

As for the “3 video game wishes from a video game genie”:

  1. An update to the turn-based tactical Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate, with all the Space Marine chapters represented. I did pick up Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach, and Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus during the recent Steam Winter Sale, but since @Private_Prinny did not equate them to the excellent Chaos Gate, there may still be room for an updated Chaos Gate. Especially if we get all the Space Marine chapters.

  2. Remastered Diablo II, as Blizzard has done with StarCraft: Remastered, and their upcoming Warcraft III: Reforged. This one should be easy, unless Blizzard management fears it will compete with future monetization plans they have for the Diablo franchise.

  3. A good video game implementation of Usagi Yojimbo. Something that incorporates the excellent story and graphics of Stan Sakai, more RPG and turn-based oriented than the previous “side-scrolling hack-and-slash action games”.

I do like the Master of Magic one of @kennfusion, I also love the “Pause”, I’m 100% onboard with @rinelk on that one, too! :sunglasses:


I know I am already scheduled to burn in hell for this (a friend routinely condemns me for this opinion) but to provide a counterpoint - I LOVE H:ZD and HATE BotW - no really REALLY hate it.
I don’t have a switch yet but I played it for a couple of hours on a friends Wii U and then afterward on his Switch (his 2328th attempt at trying to evangelize me yet again to return to the flock of Zelda-worshippers)

Maybe I should give BotW a more fair chance but…I hate them modern Zelda games. I liked the SNES and GBA (GBC) variants well enough but when Zelda went 3D I turned my back to the franchise and never looked back. I know it has to be the franchise which lets me hate BotW with such a passion.
As I am patient with the newer Assassin Creed installments and its shenanigans (I am only up to AC:Syndicate so I still have to experience Origins and Odyssey) was one of the only 3 people worldwide to finish Mad Max (the open world game) am being totally enchanted with H:ZD as well as Witcher 3, cried buckets full of manly tears during Nier:Automata and replayed the Yakuza series a thousand times already - so my tolerance level to OW games is generally high.

Ahem, you might wanna try Mechanicus, at least for the first tutorial mission. Nothing beats Chaos Gate (exept maybe a remaster or a CG 2.0 (never ever gonna happen)). I am currently holding off on it because a balance pass was promised and I don’t like my tactical games TOO easy (I am a Fire Emblem nut after all) but your mileage may vary on that matter.

On topic:

I want a complete Remake (not a remaster) of the Mass Effect Trilogy - with all DLCs and stuff rolled into one complete package.

I want new games in the Mass Effect Universe. No salvage attempt on Mass Effect Andromeda (as sad as it is - that ship has already sailed) a NEW triology.

I want Relic and Gearbox make (at least) a Trilogy of games based in the Homeworld franchise again. And with the same team which did the Soundtrack of the original games.

I want Michael McCann to play his complete music-libary on my funeral (Composer of the OST of XCOM:EU, XCOM:EW, Deus Ex: HR and Deus Ex:MD)


So much these two.

If they could pull off a mobile premium-priced mobile version of this I would be throwing my credit at the screen. I only ever finished 1 and 2, and I worry I will never get to 3 with any save game carry-over.

edit: typo


There is again a comic pick-a-choice at the start of ME3 (like back in ME1) to have some huge choices of previous games emulated in a non-carry-over ME3 but I have to admit this is only a stopgap feature.

Despite of all the bad press ME3 got its the best ME of the triology at least for me. Upgrading stuff from ME1 is back and the combat of ME2 was improved on. Also the story is more in line with ME1 not the Merry go round Road Trip that ME2 was.

Also the Citadel DLC…best DLC in mankind’s history…the feels…the laughs…

  1. A true, actual sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. None of this Advance bastardization. If it follows up with Ramza that’s great, if it timejumps like KotOR that’s fine too. But something with depth of story and gameplay akin to the original. I try and try but there is no substitute, so I just play it over and over. It’d be cool to play a sequel instead of gearing up for a 23rd playthrough.

  2. Forget Mass Effect. I want either Jade Empire 2 or KotOR 3. I know post-buyout BioWare could not do it justice, but these are wishes, no sense worrying about if they are realistic.

  3. I want Valve to make games again. They were so, so good at it. Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, Left 4 Dead…so many amazing IPs withering in the vine because they found some leet hax to basically print money through Steam.


Your #1 couldn’t be more spot on!


lol @ the resurrection of my post from 2 years ago. I guess the topic needed to age like cheese to make it sharp!

And 2 years later, I have the same 3 wishes.


@Private_Prinny, I’m glad we have diversity of opinions and experiences here! That you couldn’t stomach BotW takes nothing from my affection for it.


I wish for mobile versions of PC strategy games. Just off the top of my head, Homeworld, Sins of a Solar Empire, Europa Universalis, Age of Wonders 2/3, Crusader Kings, Rise of Nations, etc., etc. I’ve got Civilization and Total War on my iPad, why not more? I could probably go through the “strategy” section on GOG and pick out 100 games that should be on my tablet and/or Switch.


Agreed completely. These would be ideal for a mobile port.

Um, why haven’t you done this? : ) Priorities, man!

Honestly, I’d like someone with more knowledge than me to list older GOG and/or Steam games that should be played/owned by like-minded Stately people. There are so many games on both sites at this point that there are undoubtedly lots I’ve missed.


Hmm…this is a good idea. I will look into this.

That said, even without looking, I want every Impressions city-builder on my iPad and I want it yesterday.


Persona 5 on Switch


I believe it is happening. We only know “Persona 5 R” is coming and it is likely to come to Switch, especially since Joker is coming to Smash Bros. No promises yet, but there is reason to hope.


i loved all Zelda games since Ocarina of Time (esp Wind Waker) but there is one thing about BotW which totally irritates me.
how can it be that joypad wizards can beat the game in 30-40 minutes?
with the wooden sword in hand and virtually no other equipment.

my son grabbed the master sword and walked straight to the final boss to beat him. he had played for only 2 hours and had not visited a single temple/shrine.
this must be a fatal design flop, or?
in all Zeldas before something like this was simply impossible, and that was a good thing.
i asked him if he would go on playing and exploring?
“yes, i think so, but i don’t feel the same tension now. it’s gone.”

i’m honestly shocked about this. what a fail!


He had to have visited more than a few shrines to get the Master Sword. There’s a hard gate on it (last I checked).

The game was designed around the fact that once you are done in the Great Plateau, you can go challenge Ganon immediately, no need fro side quests or anything else. It’s not recommended - the weapon breakage alone would be such a pain in the rear, but you can. And if you’re good enough at combat, you’ll win. The hardest part would be getting through the first boss phase - after that, no weapons to worry about.