2nd StatelyPlay Castles of Burgundy Championship

so far registered as participants are:

a good start. but i’m hoping for even more interested CoB’ers.

in April 2019, 18 players started at six 3P tables:
@Baelnor, @Hardco, @zen4one, @JHTaube, @irishdomer08, @feederofgoats, @whovian223, @SleepingGiant, @johnl, @JaneHatke, @jason1002, @js619, @robthomasson, @Snotty128, @JMH.75, @coffeentacos, @AtticusJr and me.

come on, Lady and Gentlemen, you are invited to do it again!
and what about Decathlon Athletes @Codington, @KYakerDude, @Schlotzky
and @HostileApostle ?

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I can certainly play if you need someone!

Count me in!

Thanks for organizing, @JammaTal

I will play in the castles of burgundy games

Sure, I’ll jump in!

Sure I’ll play

I’ll play

I’m in

Sure, why not? :slight_smile:

In - have to remember how to play again … :upside_down_face:

Yeah, I’m in!

Slowly warming up to the game.
I’ll play also.

I will make up numbers :slight_smile:

And maybe even get some animals… who knows? :slight_smile:

I am in for this tourney …

19 attendees so far. that’s great!
i will wait on for two or three days before posting the tables for the first round.

Great response. If 19 turns out to be too awkward to wrangle then no problem to drop me … in fact I request it. 6 tables of 3 gives a balanced start and I am not short of games in play.

I’ll play if there’s still room. If not, no problem.

I’ll play too.

I’ll play if you guys still need participants.

no way to get out of this, my friend.
the count is at 22 now and that’s not so bad.

[edit: has been corrected. hat tip to SpiceTheCat]
i will randomize four 4P tables and two 3P (lucky draws) tables.

the first two players from each table will always advance into the next round.

2nd round will be three 4P tables.
semifinals will be two 3P tables.
grand final 4P table.