2020 Raiders of the North Sea tournament sign up thread


I don’t have you in my friends list. Can you please add Mirefox.

@whovian223, waiting for you to join the Harbour Table

Will do so later tonight.


I am friends with you both currently. I can setup our table

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Hey @SpiceTheCat

There is a friend request for you in the app from HostileApostle. Go accept it if you can. Thanks!

Thanks. Accepted, and also @Zebracadabra’s request.

@irishdomer08 @SpiceTheCat

I’ve set a game up - password “Outpost” - note cap O

Good luck!

The online is really starting to frustrate me. Every time I try to place something, the screen dims for a second and then my placed piece just floats there. I have to force close the app then load everything back up again. The same thing is happening to me in Yellow & Yangtze.

It does that to me occasionally too, though sometimes it’s temporary and it just finally complete the action.

But I’ve noticed that with Raiders for a while now.

Close game!

A fortuitous Longhouse draw after @JaneHatke took an offering got me 2 extra points.

Great game!

Good game, very tight

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Fun game… congrats @whovian223

Fortress table is complete. I pulled ahead with a 2 Valkyrie final raid for big points on the last turn. GG!

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Monastery table finished.

@Hardco 50
@geigerm 42
@johnl 41

Good game!

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FYI - Last turn on our table.

@SpiceTheCat You’re in danger of timing out!

I received a notification the game was over, “come see the result,” about five minutes after I texted JammaTal that @SpiceTheCat was about to time out.

So I go back in to Raiders and it shows Spice having used only a tiny bit of time and has hours to go.

We were each on our last turn and I’m pretty sure I had it won after checking all possibilities for both players final turn. I didn’t see any way the others could win.

I don’t understand what’s going on but will try to report back again ASAP.

Does anyone know where @SpiceTheCat or “HostileApostle” can be reached?

@irishdomer08 do you know?

This has gone on long enough. I can provide documentation. Spice DID indeed time out. The game was over but is somehow bugged and gave him another turn, which he has apparently abandoned.

I took my final turn Saturday at 4:42! There was only one Fortress left. Hostile couldn’t raid it because he only had three crew. All he could do would be raid a Harbor for 1 and add another 2 from Valkyrie. Spice also had three crew and couldn’t even raid the Harbor with a White pawn. The Spice almost timed out was yesterday at 4:59 pm. The next photo showing he’s at the beginning of his turn is yesterday at 7:57 pm.

I’ll notify Direwolf about the bug.

Let’s move on.