2020 Raiders of the North Sea tournament sign up thread

Hello everyone,

the Sagrada tournament is wrapping up without any problems, so let’s try one of Lone Wolf Digital’s other great apps: Raiders of the North Sea! The multiplayer system is the same, so it should run smoothly.

Who would be interested? Please post your username+friendcode

Also mention if you have a preference for 2p games or larger.

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I’ll play. No player count preference. Will add my code later for those that don’t have it.


Whatever format you think will work best based on total signed up works for me. The game scales well.

I’m in! No preference for players, though I have played a lot of 2 player games of it.

But it’s been a while, so I’m good with whatever.




I’m in!

Any format you choose is fine.
Thanks for organizing.



Afaic, 4P is by far the best mode. 3P doesn’t work anywhere as well and 2P is ridiculous (my 2 cents).


Ready to “learn” another Direwolf game by losing my way through a tourney!

I’ve only ever played 2 or 3 players so can’t compare … we’ll see how many players we have.

Whoa! 7 month absence! Going okay buddy?


i’m ready to raid!


Up for whatever player count

I’ll wait 1 more day for any stragglers and kick off the tournament tomorrow, so look for groupings soon.

How many do we have so far?

I’ll straggle in. SpiceTheCat+0054

We’re at 11 participants now… 1 more would give us a nice round number.

I’ll give it a bit more time. If we can get 12, that would give us 4 starting tables of 3 players each.

The winners would all advance to a 4p final table for the championship.
The 2nd place finishers would advance to a 4p silver cup table.
The 3rd place finishers would fight for the bronze title.

So a 2 game commitment for anyone still thinking about signing up.


Found us a 12th. In game name is HostileApostle+3891

He doesn’t have a SP account yet so i can communicate as needed. Thx for organizing John.

Now I have to hope I’m lucky enough to be in the 4p final. Good luck, everyone!

I ran our list through random.org, below are the initial table groupings:

Harbour Table
@Schlotzky Schlotzky+3782
@JaneHatke JaneHatke+3746
@whovian223 whovian223+7631

Monastery Table
@geigerm geigerm+9196
@Hardco Hardco+5944
@johnl john1325+9048

Outpost Table
@SpiceTheCat SpiceTheCat+0054
@Zebracadabra Zebracadabra+6834

Fortress Table
@Mirefox Mirefox+9516
@irishdomer08 irishdomer08+5342
@JammaTal JammaTal+5156

Whoever has the opportunity first please send the invite for your table. Good luck everyone!