2020 Carcassonne Quaran-Tournament Sign-up

I’m in…I have all expansions

I am in, but I only have River expansion.

Also, what is Quaran?

When I did my Ascension thing, I just used it as the first two syllables of “quarantine.”

So, saying “quaran-tournament” is a play on words, since “tournament” also has the T sound.

Or something.


funny, I had ignored the Ascension tournament because I did not know what quaran-tournament was, but assumed Quaran was a new expansion for Ascension, and I stopped buying the expansions a couple years ago.

So when this showed up also as a quaran-tournament, I clicked in to see if Carcassonne also had an expansion called Quaran, cause that would have been an odd coincidence. :laughing:

I first heard it as quarantini, a play on words of quarantining and martini. Both have the “tini” sound.

This thread just shows how great the original Carcassonne app is. A bunch of people signed up and most have all the expansions.

I’ll keep this open for another day or two.

I’d like your thoughts about the tournament format:
We have 17 people so far. I was thinking that maybe we could have a round robin followed by a single elimination tournament.

In the round robin, everyone plays the best two out of three. Each player gets to pick up to two expansions (not double tiles). If there is a tiebreaker game, use the base set.

In the tournament, same rules except the tiebreaker game will use double tiles (unless neither player has that expansion). The Finals will be just double tiles games.

*the River doesn’t count as an expansion so is always optional.

I’m planning on running this through Challonge. If your Challonge name is different from your Stately Play username, let me know.

since I never bought any of the expansions, if not having any will mess up the tournament, I will step aside.

It is a great game even without them and none are essential, though I personally like the way Princess & Dragon changes the game (but this is more for the rare time I need a change, not as a replacement for the base game). I’m fine playing vanilla Carcassonne if we have a game together.

I’ll join. I have most of the expansions, happy to play any of them except Princess and the Dragon.

And we are started!

There are 18 participants. The tournament is being run through Challonge: https://challonge.com/SPCarcassonne2020

I think I’ve got everyone’s username correct.

The first stage is a round robin. Everyone plays the best two out of three.

Each player sends out an invitation for one game and gets to pick up to two expansions (not double tiles or Princess & Dragon). The River doesn’t count as an expansion so is always optional. If there is a tiebreaker game, use the base set and either player can start it.

The winner of each game should report the score in Challonge. In Challonge, the game is a “set” so you will have to select “add a set” to put in the second and third games.

these are 2 player games, or 3 player games?

john_1325 in carcassone
john1325 in challonge

2p games, click on the Matches tab.

Will send a match later when I get wifi

Yep, what johnl said.

Two player games. Click on the Matches tab to see the individual matches and report scores.

Any idea what is the best way to add friends or invite people who aren’t on your friends list?

I tried inviting @Feygor and he tried inviting me, and neither one of us is seeing the other’s invitation.

I think you need to get them in your friends list first. Try sending e-mails and add each other as friends, then set up the game. It worked with @Feygor and I.

How do you managed to add me as a friend?

I did receive Feygor’s email invite, but the link given isn’t a link, so it won’t open up Carcassone

I don’t know. The e-mail I got from @Feygor was in German. I can tell you I opened it in the mail app (I doesn’t work if browser e-mails); there were two links and the first one added him to my friend list. Once that was done he was able to create and start a game no problem.