2020 Carcassonne Quaran-Tournament Sign-up

With the perfect storm of shelter-in-place and the original Carcassonne app being discontinued I thought I see if there was an interest in a tournament while on-line play is still available.

Let me know if you are interested and your thoughts about expansions, if any.

I’m interested as long as we’re sticking with the original app–I won’t buy the Asmodee one. I think I have all the expansions and will play with any of them.

Great idea, have the original app from the coding monkeys with every expansion. Count me in.

Ooo, me too! Original app here as well

I’m in!

Sure, I’m in as well. I have all of the expansions, so anything works.

I have all expansions also - sorry for the double post, can’t seem to edit my responses anymore

I turned editing off for anyone with the Deputy Chief tag…get it right the first time, chief!

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What a deputy chief said is said. Nothing to edit. :wink:


Ah, seconds to late.

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I’m in, and any expansion is good.

Sure, any expansions work

I’m in, expansions not a problem


I owns 'em all.

I should have mentioned that I’ll play any expansion as well.

I am in with any expansion on the original app

I’m in.
Play any combo

i’m in.
owning all expansions.

I will play … expansions available …

Alright, I’m in!