2020 Carcassonne Quaran-Tournament Sign-up

GG :disappointed:
Was fun at all.

let me quote robthomasson: “a much tighter game than the final score suggests.”



A 48-point field that offset me getting all 30 extra bonus points at the end. When I was watching the scoring and it ended with me down by 31 when the bonuses started, I just shook my head and said “damn.” :slight_smile:

Good game!

@jason1002, friends request accepted. ready for game.

it was all about the fight for a (in the end) 93-point (+30 for goods) cathedral city (final count 5:4).


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Yes I was sad when you got that extra guy in there

@johnl over @JaneHatke

Good game!

Well played, John! Congrats!

So, @irishdomer08, you could probably mark yourself as a 1-0 winner over Spice, who remains missing (and is hopefully well).

He already forfeited his first match, so it’s not like it would be too controversial.

Hardco over @geigerm 247-205

The game seemed closer than the final score shows, with us both finishing some big cities, but I had the farming edge at the end. Good game!

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Ok, just did that. Go ahead and send me an invite. Whatever combo you choose is fine with me

JMH.75 over @Hardco 211-184


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Another nail-biter. It came down to a hotly-contested large cathedral city. Eventually I was one meeple ahead and was able to close down the chance for Mike to draw level … at the expense of limiting completion to two tiles … and I got one of them. Phew! So close until that happened.

Good game!

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GG. I got a few double points roads scored to give me an edge. Otherwise pretty even throughout.

@JaneHatke, my congratulations! well played!


@JammaTal, thank you. Good game!

Good game @kennfusion!

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Yeah, great game. I thought you were out of Meeples, and would not be able to take the pasture back. I still would have been 5 pts short though.

A scrappy game that I won by a thousand cuts rather than by any masterstroke. The tempo was against @irishdomer08 from early on .We both managed to tie up some of other’s meeples but when the shortage began to bite Michael had too many of his meeples on roads that failed to complete. There was the traditional large city that should have fallen to @irishdomer08 but I got lucky and my surplus meeples were put to work in the fields. Good game.

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to shout out that this tournament is going well. We are in the quarter finals and down to a total of eight players!

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful game. Makes me sad to realize that we will be losing online play in this app in the future when CodingMonkeys turn off their servers.

Good luck everyone.