1st Stalely Play "Steam Rails to Riches" Championship


at the end of the track building phase and of the transport phase you can tap “undo” or the checkmark.
by tapping checkmark you’ll advance to next phase (in this case “VP/$ choice”) and the “undo” will be gone.



Exactly. I chose VPs then saw my error when you were also offered the choice. Too late to undo then. But as you say … no matter.


hello table 1!
@SpiceTheCat, @KYakerDude and @Ids,
is the game still running?


Just about to move goods in the last round :blush: Looks like @Ids and @KYakerDude are going to go through tbf.


Great game everyone!

Where do we go from here?


Congratulations to @KYakerDude, and commiserations to @Ids- I’m not sure how I caught you up- it must have come down to the last cube. Interesting if unclear game generally.


accumulated VP are shown for all players throughout the game.
in the replays we can see how many points all rivals scored by transports and if the revenue was spent for income or for VP.
it’s all very transparent.
in the end each connection token is worth a VP and each step of 2 income one more.
it can’t get any closer than between you and Ids. same amounts of earned VP and connections. only one 2-income step made the difference.


i just ran random.org for deciding on the semifinal tables:
great new mix! all pairs of winners and runner-ups from all 3 tables are in different groups.

semifinal A

semifinal B

first players must setup the games (SP Semifinal A and B) and post the passwords.
the first two players of each semifinal will advance to the 4P final table.

same map: Southeastern Canada & Northeastern USA standard map
same setting: Basic Game




SP semi B is set up.

Password: steam


Spice the cat - your turn in Steam, has been for some time.


it’s always a good idea to add a @ link. so the player will find a personal notification when he logs in.

hello @SpiceTheCat, is everything ok with playing Steam?


Hi, yes, sorry all, being tripped up by the broken notifications. We’re all go now and I’ll check in by default at least twice a day to be on the safe side. @me if I go silent again.



I rely on the email notifications. You might have that set, but if not … easy to miss where it is … tap the gear symbol top right of the screen with the list of your online games.

Also … Oi! Stay in the east and bother Pete. Leave the west to me. I will be okay out here on my own. Honest!


Thanks, turned email notifications on. Also checked in, and, surprise, my turn. :smirk:
Also, no, happy, to help with heavy loads on both sides of the map. :wink:


semifinal A has ended.

Jamma 75
KYakerDude 66
Sleeping Giant 46

me and KYaker will be taking seats at the final table.


hello Semifinal B?
nearly another month has passed since semifinal A has ended.
game still going on?


Yes it is. We are in round 7.

Not all of the players have been able to take their turns soon after being notified that it is their turn…


holy moly!
this will be going down into history books as slowest “moving” tournament game of all times.

another 28 days have passed. game was in round 7 and is still not finished!?
ok, who is the slowpoke?
i’m totally sure it ain’t robthomasson.
have we a dropout?
yeah, the game setup misses a timer option. but when gamers subscribe to a tournament i thought they wanted to play ?

what can i do as organizer?
i could terminate the game, take the standings as is and advance the two leading players into the 4P final.

but i appeal to all players to finish the game. one move in 2 days must be possible.

for the final i will think about house rules to make up for the missing ingame timer.


You did it … the game is over …

Masterful planning by @duckworp to end with little or no cash. I took income by mistake at one point … but who knows, it may have been a good thing to do.

Congratulations to Pete who reached 3 (very nearly 4) corners of the map and gained the most VPs and had the most links. @SpiceTheCat had a better reach than I did, but suffered more than I did from “interaction” with Pete.

Thanks to both for the game … nearly 12 weeks in the making!