1st Stalely Play "Steam Rails to Riches" Championship


I have created Table 1 for @SpiceTheCat &@KYakerDude
password: stately


Signed in and picked my colour. We’re ready to go :steam_locomotive:


I tried to create one for us, but now it says “Jason1002’s room”, and has the stately password. I didn’t want to call it that. How do I delete it?


Never mind it disappeared somehow. There is now a SP Table 3 and the password is stately3.

I need



I have joined. Looking forward to it.


I’ll be able to join in a couple of days, sorry for the delay. I forgot I had to download the maps after a reinstall, and I dont have the time right now


we will wait for you, Snotty, as i had promised.
will be a tough and rough going. I’m looking forward to it.
we just finished a 4P friendly game with scores 53/54/55 and 57 for the winner robthomasson. it was an amazing game. Steam is a blast!


hello Snotty!
“SP table 2” has disappeared because incomplete for too long.
best way to go will be if you create a new table (Basic/SE Canada & NE USA) when you are ready to play, and then announce it here.


Thanks for your patience, but Im back now so it should be business as usual from here on. ive started a room ‘SP table 2’, with ‘Stately’ as the password, with a capital S



ok, i have joined. game is ready to go.


@SleepingGiant you just built into my territory and took the grey cube I was going to ship. Thanks a lot .


Mwahaha… I guess you should have built there first :slight_smile: such a close game, I still have no idea which of the 3 of us will win going into the final moving of cargo.


We have finished! I can’t find the game to give the scores, it has disappeared from the app, but it was very close with me a couple of points ahead. Thanks all for the excellent game.


GG Peter Duckworp!


congrats to Pete and Sleeping Giant! you both advance into semifinals.


Table 2 Result

A shock as Steam Star @Snotty128 is eliminated from the tourney. I was mostly left alone in the SE and that gave me the advantage … so much so that I could survive the dumb move of using @JammaTal’s track when I could have used my own!


haha, just for one single point. it was just funny, not important in any way.
btw, you could have stepped back from the whole move.
very efficient undo function in Steam.

grats on the win, Rob!

and hello Railbarons from table 1!
how is your game going?


Indeed … “just” a two-point swing, but I felt so dumb!

I did not see how to undo once I had made my VP/$ choice and it had gone to your choice/turn … which alerted me to my error … I will pay more attention next time. Possibly,


Congrats to both @JammaTal and @robthomasson . This was a group of death so Ive got no shame in coming 3rd. I clearly got a bit confused with the basic rules. The open ended train tracks show a counter as if they are mine, but then other players could build off of them. I’ll have to reread the rules rather than rely on whats shown on screen


the screen always shows it correctly. but you lose ownership of incomplete track if you don’t continue extending it in your next turn (at least for one tile).

quotes from the rulebook:
[page 6] “You mark your ownership of a link with one of your tokens anywhere along the link when you start building a link.”
“Track used to make a link can be built in one turn or over several turns.”

[page 10] “If any track fails to reach either a town or city at the end of your turn, it is an “incomplete link.” An incomplete link consists of one or more track tiles that do not connect to a town or city at both ends. An incomplete link is still marked with your token, and other players may not extend it while you own it. However, you lose ownership of the incomplete link if you do not extend it on your very next turn. If you do not extend the track in the next turn (and every subsequent turn, until the link is completed), you must remove your token from the track. It then becomes an unowned, incomplete link.”

any player can extend an unowned, incomplete link and will own it by doing so.
these rules for building track are the same in basic and standard games.