1st Stalely Play "Steam Rails to Riches" Championship


a very close game with great scores! for all 3 players :clap:
15/15/13 connections are remarkable too.

so @duckworp, @robthomasson, @KYakerDude and me will play the final.
i think the following maps would be all good picks.
does everybody own all maps? if not, please tell us.
if yes, pick your favorite. we will have a poll.
in case of ties, organizer decides.

lower Rhine & Ruhr (3-5)
Carcassonne (3-5)
USA-Canada (3-6)
Northern England (3-6)

my vote goes to…Northern England.


I only have the default ones. I’ve not made any IAP, so my vote is Lower Rhine & Ruhr.


Northern England first … as it is new to me … but any other is okay.

But mostly … can we require @KYakerDude to spend money to play?
If not, then there is no choice.


We got there! Congratulations to @duckworp and @robthomasson. The game felt closer, but I don’t seem to have an intuitive sense of game standing in Steam. I also took income by mistake once, but it wouldn’t have changed the game order. Good luck to all in the final :blush:


Norther England gets my vote too.


the standings in Steam can be seen/calculated anytime.
accumulated VPs are shown + 1 VP for each established connection.
plus 1 VP for each 2-step of income.
zero pts for money.

open information all the way through. no hand of cards, no dice.


exactly. no choice. i had emphasized at start of tourney that no player would have to spend extra money.

player sequence is randomized by the game. i wish we had a bidding round like in basic games vs A.I., but no.

i have created “SP final” on Rhine & Ruhr. password “champion”.


Thanks. It’s not pay to win! :slight_smile:


Calculated!?! That involves work and I need to preserve my brain cells. Plus … it would remove the drama of the final reveal.

Although I guess that if you have a choice of which good to take you would want to know the current total scores in order to make the decision.


“calculate” was a hefty exaggeration.
“counting tokens” is correct :smirk:

i have started “SP final” !


Don’t underestimate my ability to avoid effort :sunglasses:


and the very first Stately Steamer, winner of the 1st Stately Steam Championship is @robthomasson! congratulations! :trophy: :tada: :champagne:

Games which would have deserved to be played in the Decathlon: Steam - Rails To Riches

Phew! A tense game against great opposition. Thank you to all and especially @JammaTal for organising.

@duckworp started in what seemed to me to be an undesirable location - in the north-eastern corner with @JammaTal to the west and mountains to the south. But he made it work and it hurt @JammaTal who ended up having to pay to use my track a few times and those few victory points made all the difference.

Both @KYakerDude and myself started in the middle. After the initial manoeuvres I went north and he went south so we didn’t get in each others way.

Both @duckworp and I ended with a level 5 locomotive. The move to a level 6 is never certain for me. There always seem to be some other power that I want more so the promotion to level 6 would have use up a move goods turn and I rarely know that I will get enough 6 moves of goods to compensate.


i think i had to pay about the same amount to you and Pete for using parts of tracks.


Did you? Oh … then I must be a genius after all. Or just lucky. Maybe both :nerd: