Your personal top Android games


Hey there my good fellows!

I’m one of those. I’m an Android guy. Never had a device with iOS, nor do I plan to. But I find myself at a loss as to what to install. Never was an issue either, as I usually had a potatophone, but I have recently found myself in possession of Galaxy 10 and… I wanna play something!

So what are your personal favorites on Android? Free, paid, freemium, give me all. I tire of AFK Arena :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. No Pokemon Go or it’s clones!


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…damn :smiley:


Yeah, I play entirely too many mobile games. And that’s just from the ones I’ve got on my device currently.


Oooo, nice, congrats! :sunglasses:

Do you also have an Android tablet, and look to be switching between the two? I ask, because that has greatly impacted my iOS preferences … it turns out that device sync’ing between the iPad and iPhone are a big deal for me.

For example, I see Guild of Dungeoneering on the list, but for me I’ve always felt that I would have played more Guild of Dungeoneering if I could have sync’ed between the iPad, where I could actually read the text, and my iPhone for when I was out and about. The devs had difficulties, for which I blame Apple for not providing an easy solution for device sync’ing, so perhaps with Android it’s not an issue?

I backed Star Traders: Frontiers on Kickstarter, but have continued to hold off on installing it since the wonderful Trese Brothers intend to explore iOS device sync’ing once they completed their Kickstarter Stretch Goals and such. Which reminds me that it’s time to check their latest progress reports and see where we’re at. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just grabbed Planescape Torment for my 5.5" phone.

The UI is a bit small.

Also picked up Star Traders: Frontiers, and that’s more workable.


I do, but it’s lots of generations behind the phone and I’m not sure how operational it is. I mostly use it for YT and DnD purposes.

I played Guild of Dungeoneering on PC and I’m not a huge fan. It’s a pretty good game, just not good enough for extended play for me.

That was my fear as well, pretty much the only reason I didn’t get it yet.

Star Traders does look nice, though, I’ll check it out!