Yomi Tournaments

I am a tournament organizer and regular player for the card game Yomi. I also put in effort to make sure that our scene thrives. We have tournaments that range from 32-100 players. I would like to ask some of you to join us.

Our tournaments are organized through the forums at sirlingames.com. Check out the Yomi sub-forum. Currently, you can sign-up for a tournament in this thread. Yomi can be purchased on Steam or IOS.

Yomi is basically a rock, paper, scissors game that has vastly different rewards based upon your choice. The key is to maximize your combat damage on wins and minimize your combat damage on losses. There are 20 different characters to choose from. There is alot to learn. I have been playing the game competitively for four years and still learn new things.

Are you up for the challenge?


Dang. I’m sad I missed this one. Yomi is one of my favorite games to play!

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I played many different board games on IOS before finally settling into the Yomi community. The game is fantastic. I am glad you like it. There will be more tournaments. There is usually at least one running all the time.

Just a heads up, we’ve got another tournament starting very soon (signups close May 12). Check it out here: http://forums.sirlingames.com/t/a-balanced-clash-round-2-signups-open/5902

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Hmm, I shall sign up if it is Async. Is it Async?

Nope. Fully sync.

How do you even go about running an anonymous and possibly global tournament for a game that requires synchronous play? It could take a month just to find a time that two people can log in at the exact same time…

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Fully agreed. And it’s a shame, since the app is well done and it’s a fun game. But… I don’t see how Yomi would work as an async. Only reason I have the app is to play face to face with IRL friends and avoid the shuffling, set up, etc.

I’ve probably said it before but for some reason I cannot figure this game out. Either the rules are overly-complicated for as simple as the game actually is or the app tutorial is subpar, but the rules just haven’t clicked with me yet.

@Baelnor, sorry, I didn’t see your message here before your message over on the SirlinGames forum. I’ve tentatively put you into the tournament, but if you aren’t able to play given the nature of the client right now (which is to say, games take place synchronously, but the tournament is async), let me know, and I’ll take you out again.

@Mirefox: the system we’ve ended up with is that the TO (me, in this case) sends out messages for people to schedule their matches in. Most tournaments are on a one-game-a-week schedule. It can sometimes be tricky to find a time to schedule matches across timezones, which is unfortunate. I’m (slowly) working on an unbranded client that would be able to handle async, although given a lot of the back-and-forths in the rules, it’s a bit TBD on how well async mode would work (or whether a single game would just drag on for months at a time).

As far as rules go, I’m curious what you’re bumping in to? I learned to play before I tried the app tutorial, so I can’t comment on how rocky it is, but I’ve taught a bunch of people to play IRL.

IIRC (been a while since I’ve played), it’s a rock / paper / scissor mechanic - the interaction comes in on how your deck plays. I think. Now I need to fire it up again lol

Yeah, I would say the bulk of the rule systems are:

  1. Rock-paper-scissors (combat select). Attack > Throw > Block/Dodge > Attack, speed as tiebreaker
  2. Sequence building (combos). Each character has a limited number of points available, and can play straights with some modifications (Starter/Linker/Ender specify where in a combo the card can appear, pumping allows playing multiple copies of the same card for free)
    i. Bluffing (face-downs): The choice to play a face-down joker, or to bluff with a useless card in order to prevent/discourage combo damage.
  3. Character-specific innate abilities/card-specific actions: These really are character specific, and come in a bunch of flavors across the cast in the game.

The strategic implications of these boil down to:

  1. Hand management: it’s important to understand where you are in the flow of the game to know if it’s a good time to play conservatively, build up a hand, and have more damage potential later, or play aggressively and spend resources to do damage/gain other advantages now.
  2. Match-up awareness: Understanding the interactions between card speeds/card distributions/character abilities that come into play in each matchup, and tend to make a game between each pair of characters play differently.
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Sometimes a game doesn’t click with me and I don’t really have an explanation why. I’m sure I’ll come back to it and try yet again and at some point I’ll get it.

Yeah, that’s fair. Getting Good at Yomi is a pretty helpful series if that talks a bit about the strategic parts of the game (and can help move past the “this is just complicated rock-paper-scissors” feeling that can happen with new players)

Thanks mate, please take me off the list as I can’t commit. My schedule is awful :(. Sorry!