XCOM 2: The Aliens Won For A Reason

Jesus fucking Christ what a nerd.

Also the operation names have moved from the vaguely pop referential (“Would you like to ride the Bone Queen, Morty?”):

To the odd:

To the openly rude:

I feel like the game is mocking me, beyond sending me emotionally distant middle-aged men who wear shorts 95% of the year.


This is such a terrific game. I was two missions from the end when I started writing my first ChoiceScript game and subsequently swore off gaming until I finished making it. The desire to get back and finish the fight was a powerful motivator on those long nights.

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Now, I’m not gay, but you’re allowed a man crush, right?

Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

I’ve also got Adam Driver doming a Chryssalid.

I’m just enjoying the wild line up of troops the game generates. For once, I’ve not altered my troops beyond weapon and armour patterns and colours because the facial generation is fantastic, if getting a little out of hand.

I also think making my troops look like they’re on the run from the Power Rangers is a mistake.

Especially when the default is ‘quite cool’.

I’m also noticing, or imagining, a current run of very metal op names.


Gentlemen I regret to inform you I have discovered the photobooth feature in War of the Chosen.