WTF happened to...? Or, it’s vapourware man, let it go

What is our time limit, here? How long does a developer have to fulfill their promise before we start to worry?

And has anyone heard any news about Magic: The Gathering Arena for mobile? I personally like it better than any of the other CCGs that seem to pop up left and right.

New year, new scope for disappointment.

Exodus: Proxima Centauri - remember when an authoritative source, Dave, reported that that it was totally coming out in December? December 2018, that is. Dave.

Sigma Theory - promising spy game from Mi-Clos? Yeah, all mentions of iOS scrubbed from the website. Reviews of the PC version were fairly mediocre though, so eh.

Mind you, given what a clunker Overland turned out to be, anticipating new games is clearly a fools errand. /slow learner.


Yessir… I know digital Labyrinth is in beta on PC, but no word on that or the iOS version, which were supposed to release in 2019.

Digital Tash-Kalar too - been silent on that front for about two years now.

< disappointed sigh >


Exodus: Proxima Centauri, or at least Offworld Games, is dead:

Eh. It is kind of like when your dad’s great aunt passes away. You forgot she existed and give your most superficial condolences…


Was there supposed to be a new version of BattleCON for iOS? I’m sad that the old one is gone from my library; I always wanted to give that game a little more time. I could have sworn I had heard about a new version being worked on, but nothing for ages.

Only 3 years, 3 months, and 23 days after the announced release!

No longer vapourware.

But I may no longer be interested. What would have once been an instabuy is now a wait and see how I feel.


Not to mention that 3 years ago the market was a bit different and board games were not releasing at $10.

i have played many games in the beta and had lots of fun.
it’s a great game no matter how “old”.
i never liked 3P or 4P games in Race for the Galaxy too much, but
Roll is very well suited for MP games.

hasn’t yet arrived in european appstores :man_shrugging:

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I was in the beta, and … hated it.

I’ll need someone to explain Roll to me. I literally (and this is the correct usage of “literally”) had no idea what was going on. Just utterly lost.

And I like Race quite a bit. So, go figure.

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I watched a couple of YT “how to plays” and read through the rules book in the game. Got to terms with it within a couple of plays there after. There’s intricacies for sure but if I can do it, you can too. And it’s a great game thereafter.

I remember @Strangiato quipping that they were going to delay the release of Labyrinth: The War on Terror for mobile a bit so that they didn’t have to compete with the release of the PS5.

Now it’s a coin flip to guess which one I’ll ever see first…

Three and a half years after the press release. I still have a vague hope of seeing the other COIN games on iOS, one day.

While it is still in early access on Steam, I find it to be as polished as any of their other releases. I still waffle on whether I actually like the game though…

I think I would rather learn that I don’t like a game through a polished app than try and play a game I know I like through a janky app.

Labyrinth is still coming along. AI was released for the US side in December and we’re still working through some feedback from early access users on that. Haven’t announced a target date for the mobile release yet, but progress has been on a good path since the start of the year.



Any info on Unmatched? I get that delays happen, but your website still says “Coming Soon” with a trailer that says December 2021…

Going to put Frostpunk here. It was announced to be in testing in some markets, due for release by the end of 2021, and then silence.

Eh, we’ve had enough good surprise releases this year that vapourware doesn’t really matter, but still.

In the current times, this is only a tiny blip.
I am way too into video games and I could easily count 2 dozen delays this year without even trying :wink:

I am not too concerned about Frostpunk 2 being canned…give it some more years I myself believe in a 2023 release.

As I was teaching my kids Five Tribes last weekend I occurred to me that many years ago there was talk of a Five Tribes app. Clearly that never happened. But then I began thinking of other apps that haven’t come out on a timely schedule and I remembered that Undaunted has been in production for quite some time. I think there was even early access on Steam, maybe? Whatever happened to Undaunted?

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