WTF happened to...? Or, it’s vapourware man, let it go

They also managed to make a Dominant Species app, though I wish Playdek had gotten their hands on that as well because it is a mess.

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Still waiting for Nightfighter to make it out of P500…

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The less said…the less said…the better…

A.R.G.H.! ™

Tank on Tank?

Pixel Tactics Online

Sometimes I could hit myself…hard…with like a book or somethiouch that really hurts!

There are 2 games specifically I am interested in but for the life of me cannot remember their devs(indie) or titles.
I followed both of them on the old site (one was in the days of PT 1.0 even) but because I am stupid I didn’t save/write it down and now its info is gone forever…

Oh Command & Colors. From the links in @TheDukester‘s post below, that was a possible for 2013. /feels sadder

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First thing that came to my mind. After falling in love with the first version of Battle of the Bulge, I threw some Kickstarter money at Drive on Moscow and El Alamein. By that time, Gettysburg seemed like a safe bet. Thank God I didn’t go crazy and contribute more than a small amount to it.

I told myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t kickstart anything but board games.

What was the playdeck / final fantasy collaboration again?


Unsung Story! Taken over by a different dev last year, and they’re supposedly shooting for a late 2019 release …

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Unsung Story…

the name of the game is a perfect fit.

LOL. Good one. You got me.

I would kill for a port or remake of Chaos Overlords to mobile.

Mika Mobile just announced that Battleheart 2 will release on iOS on July 12 with an Android version shortly after.


Very happy to be proven wrong (again) :blush:

I just saw a Kickstarter ad for the new version of BattleCON and that reminded me - wasn’t there supposed to be a new BattleCON app in the works to replace the now-dead app?

When I saw this thread, this was what I was going to post about if no one else had. The premise doesn’t sound quite as good now as it did when I first saw it all those years ago, but still, a new SRPG from the master himself. That really would have been something.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to playing the full game. I still have access to the build and keep thinking I should fire it up, but I don’t want to get turned off by an incomplete game again. It’s obviously a lot closer to done than it was when I first bought it.

Good to know.

Looking back, I note that Exodus:Proxima Centauri is still delayed with no eta or update of the website. Hey ho.

In the meantime, now at stage 1 or 2 for Mi-Clos to bring Sigma Theory to mobile…